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for Alternate Attack on Titan Ending

6/2 c1 Guest
5/27 c1 Aurobindo sarkar
not that good man.
4/16 c1 Guest
Ooooohh hahaha ahaha my bad! I misread the whole thing! Hahaha that's their kids! But still leaving one question... WHAT HAPPENED TO HANGE!? if levi was the one sacrifice in chapter 132..then what happened to Hange? Did she die in the war or *wipes a tear falling of my eyes* is she living in the forest alone!?
4/16 c1 Guest
No offense but for a supposedly better ending this ending feels like a generic “what if rumbling happened for realsies” except stupider with the Founding Titan somehow more broken than in the manga, Eren acting like a generic evil villain who is pretty much a Mary Sue, and contradicting Eren’s character. It was clear before the final chapter, Eren was willing to give a fighting chance for his friends since he values their freedom and by Eren doing cheats with his founding Titan powers he pretty much is talking out of his ass with the freedom shit if he is not willing to give freedom for his friends.

The whole time loop end also makes no thematic sense to the story and just feels random. There were other things like Paradis becoming a democracy yet there are no popular oppositions to the current government or any real reason for why they would become one. Hell the shit with the people coming out of the colossal Titans napes also seems very random especially since the founding Titan is not capable of creating people.

I know it’s nitpicking but if this is meant to be the better ending it’s way worse and honestly butchers Eren’s character to a villain with cringeworthy dialogue whose whole value of freedom is rendered pointless. Hell if he was going to take away the Titan powers from the other shifters it should’ve been done way before the alliance went to fight the Yaegerists since it would be a waste of time especially with the omnipotence of the Founding Titan.
4/16 c1 Guest
Not bad... But how is eriwn alive? And why with sasha? What happened to Hange!?

I have more question!
4/17 c1 1uzumaki nezko
gives me aizen vipes
4/15 c1 Team5dsforever
I actually preferred this ending to the one we got. To me Eren’s character was ruined. When people say that 139 showed that Eren was faking it all and all this time he didn’t change and was still his old self it pisses me off because to me that means that Eren never matured, he never developed and he stayed the exam same the entire time. That is not good writing. I believe that something happened behind the scenes because 139 contradicts everything that Isayama has stated in the past.

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