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10/7/2004 c4 Jersey Princess

10/7/2004 c3 Jersey Princess

10/7/2004 c2 Jersey Princess
Fashion show indeed, lol

9/21/2004 c3 6Japonica
I was wondering if you were going to write another chapter for this fic, and whether it would be soon. I really enjoyed this story, I'm a real fan of it you see, and I'm hoping for more chapters! Thank you!
8/26/2004 c9 2spectra2
wow this is a great fic, i love the plot, -spectra2
8/24/2004 c9 wolfawaken
Its been 10 months without a updates. Are you still writing this story? If not why not. wolfawaken @aol.com
7/28/2004 c8 6Japonica
I'm reviewing here, just because ff.net only likes to let me leave one review a chapter, which means I can't hassle you properly! I was wondering if you were going to write another chapter for this fic, and whether it would be soon. I really enjoyed this story, I'm a real fan of it you see, and I'm hoping for more chapters! Thank you!
7/22/2004 c9 Duchessa
*looks at calendar* It's July...I repeat, JULY! WHERE is chapter 9? Ahem...well, this is my much delayed review (I guess I'm as bad as you :P) : again, you did a smashing job, Harry sure showed them!

A common misconception for many characters *coughsnapecough* is that Harry is exactly like his father, and if Joanne won't clear that up, i have to console myself with good quality fanfics, don't I? *winks*

I admit I was worried that James & Sirius will react badly to Harry publicly dissaproving them (and make him their target - though harry can take care of himself...) but you said they are going to be nicer from now on,so I guess I'm just being paranoid...

Hm...now that lily's in the picture, will harry still hang around MWPP much? And really, I'm curious the marauders' & lily's & dennis' impression on Harry - will you show it or will this be strictly Harry pov only? *sigh* not another james is a seeker comment...there has to be at least one of those to every time-travel fanfic i've read which got the fact right - although to be fair, James playing with the snitch in the pensieve sorta enforce the mistake.

Eh, i think I've rambled too much...sorry. Keep up the good work!

ps.UPDATE. Or at least make more announcements- your last one is in FEBRUARY...
7/15/2004 c9 7Vaengir
You're trying to kill me aren't you? You stopped at the most intereseting part. I loved how considerate you made Harry, can you do me a tiny bit of a favor? Let Harry save Serverus at least once?
7/1/2004 c9 22The Magic Bringer
THta was a good chapter, keep writing :) UPDATE SOON!
6/25/2004 c9 1kiwiknight
hey, i really love this story, it's one of the better time travel stories out there, and trust me , i've read a lotof them and this is definately in my Top 5 list! so keep on writing!

And i wanted to say that i know what you mean about people saying that they are 'sorry' when a parent or relative dies... i mean they didn't do anything to cause the persons death or anything and it bugs me when they get all sympathetic and give you that look that says you must still be so sad after what happened! my dad died 8 years ago - when i was six years old - and it's been long enough for me to, not really get over it, but to accept it enough so that it doesn't hurt anymore... if you know what i mean. I just had to have a talk with my friends, Chris and Mike, telling them not to feel bad when talking about what they're doing for Fathers Day or with their dads because i just don't care - it doesn't bring up bad memories or anything, just because my dad died doesn't mean that i'm going to get all sad and start crying whenever they mention what they do with their dads... whew...!

okay, i just needed to say that to Someone who might understand that sort of thing, thanks for taking time to read my babbling... your story is really cool and i sincerely hope you plan on finishing it unlike a lot of writers!

thanks again!

6/19/2004 c9 1spottery
Please update ASAP!I need the update otherwise I'll commit net suicide! Update NOW! And if u know of any other good time travel fics, please let me know.
6/6/2004 c9 2Silver Scale Serpent
Lily! *grins*. More soon please! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!
6/6/2004 c9 Fabled Phoenix
please PLEASE update this sooner! You haven't updated in ages!
6/5/2004 c9 AnonymousDelete
Oh, you can't possibly leave me there, can you? That isn't fair! ACK! That was very mean of James and Sirius, and I'm glad Harry responded the way he did. The story flows nicely, but there's one thing you need to improve it: more! lol, great job so far!
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