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1/29/2004 c9 Tara
This was so good! You have so much talent!
1/28/2004 c9 Calimora
I do like this fic. You've got good development so for with Denis and remus as well as the 'decline' of a the marauders in to hooligans. ;p Anyways, please keep writting!
1/28/2004 c7 Calimora
I like your charactorizations of the marauders. they're obviously playfull without being overbearing. Very nice.
1/7/2004 c9 no one
1/2/2004 c9 Silvercrystal77
This is a really good story so far! Please update soon! Happy 2004!
12/17/2003 c9 7Vicous Pixie
Nice work, love the story. :D. Best one IO've read all day.
12/8/2003 c9 15Kate Lynn
I loved it! The writing was excellent, capturing my attention and drawing me right in. The characterizations were also perfect, and the overall plot intriguing. Tightly woven and really enjoyable. Thanks so much for this! 8-)
Kate Lynn
12/7/2003 c9 Butterflykisses
This is so cool! I can't wait to see what Lily wants to talk to Harry or Daniel about!
11/29/2003 c9 penny
Wow go Harry! They needed to be told off~ More please.
11/28/2003 c9 6Japonica
Wow...I really do like this. I like the way that you keep Harry in the same 'mind' as I do. He is lovely, he is wicked and I do love his character.
I'll be looking forward to your next chapter, which I hope won't take too long to get up. Keep up the good work.
11/27/2003 c9 2Darth Kottaram
This is one of the two best Harry-goes-back-in-time stories I've read. I can't wait for the next chapter.
11/23/2003 c9 petites sorci
j'adore continue please is there any figth Harry vs Voldemort ? Harry likes the Maraudeurs or not ? Sirius Black you talk about the books 5 (Sirius Family) but Sirius is not ...dead ? Why He talk il vit ? Why He goes back to the past ? Why luna , Ron , Neville , Ginny and Hermione didn't come ? You talk about the DADA Teacher it's Mrs Figg but she is une Cracmol (Sorry but I read Hp in French and just the Tome5 in english I m not speak english very well donc je suis désolée si j'ai Fait des fautes d'orthographes OU DES FAUTES de phrase ^^ I just want to tell you I ADORE YOUR FF HP that's great ^^But why the titre is the gardian and why the chap 9 name is Anger I avoue (ch'uis pas une douée je mélange parfois lorsque j'trouve pas les mots les deux langues^^)que j'ai pas très bien compris ^^
11/22/2003 c9 2Astalitha
soemone really dose need to read the book... ad its definatly not you! Just one little question. Dose it actualy mention in the first book what position james is?

Anyway, I love this fic! I hope you update soon!

anywho, I love the way you started, with mcgonagall and flitwick trying to sort harry out so he looked different. The only bad point is that it is abit hard to follow the conversations sometimes. Can you explain to me about the part where harry and remus were at the trick stair? I couldn't igure ou who was talking.

I'm a big fan of The Marauders, so I obviously dislike how youre portraying them. But thats just me, and I reckon that you got the general picture right- James and Sirius were complete and utter idiots in the book, and they are here. (I just have a problem with the truth.)

great story, write more soon,


Maiden of moonshine
11/21/2003 c9 11Prophetess Of Hearts
I personally think Harry should have given them a bigger tounge lashing.. like maybe mentioning just cuse someone is in a certain house doesn't mean that it is going to completely control their furute, and that maybe it's because of Assholes like Sirius and James that are such (is bigots the right word) prats that they feel the need to stand up for themselves even in such a wrong manner as joining a 'Dark Lord'...
11/20/2003 c9 2Ann Lee
intreging (spelling?).
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