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11/20/2003 c9 58961558
Wow, great job! I've been with this fic for a while, but I don't think I've reviewed yet to let you know how much I like it. So, now you know. =D Everyone is in-character (always a plus), particularly James and Sirius. The Pensieve scene has drastically changed everyone's views on their personalities, but it's good to know that they'll change soon. The arrogance sort of bothers me after years of picturing them as the perfect guys. ^^ I think that having the Snape incident is a good idea for their "turning point." It's drastic enough to affect them both, and I can't think of anything else that would be better.

Now that I'm done with the review, I must say that that Spanish book is THE DEVIL. I swear it is. Thanks to Francisco and the contest, I watched an hour of cheesy actors speaking Spanish very slowly and then answered questions about stuff I didn't understand. And now, we're writing essays about a Spanish artist. BAH! -kills the En Espanol book- I'd rather have Paso a Paso, which we used last year.

...Er, okay, that was odd. Sorry. ^_^ Keep up the great work, and please write more soon!

11/19/2003 c9 AussieGirl3
Hey please write more soon this is really good and I hope that you write alot more
11/19/2003 c9 3dolphingirl79
hey keep on writing good story
11/19/2003 c9 LittleEar BigEar's sis
This is really good- I hope you update soon! :)
11/19/2003 c9 1star estrella
This was really good and you described Harry very well. I think that that prank is something James would too. Keep on writing!
11/19/2003 c9 7BloodRedSword
tis nice! Update!
11/19/2003 c9 sillypaulie
this is good write more soon
11/19/2003 c9 pingpong5
wow! i love it! most time travel fics are all like 'yes well im from the future and im your son and this is what happens' and stuff like that, which i think just takes away from the plot of the story!

dont take this as an insult but i was under the impression that james was a seeker. im not actually too sure (im a bit slow - sorry! lol)but james plays with a snitch in the fifth book (snapes worst memory) but i suppose he could have just nicked it anyway! correct me if im wrong!

overall its a fab fic! pleas keep going and update soon!

hope youre feeling better too!

toodles, ~*ping*pong*~
11/19/2003 c9 udntwant2no
make your authors notes smaller

you forget, no-one cares
11/19/2003 c8 1Wytil
Pretty good story so far, looks like Harry will have some trouble with James (too, too much alike),

Homecoming: Well you obviously take yours more deriously. We had 3 regular formals + prom.

Homecoming was a minor after game sock-hop.

(Telling my age? I am 65) Homecoming and related activities were heavily pranked. Each school tried to outdo the other. Letter (jocks) club almost got fried for a couple of their stunts.
11/19/2003 c9 Melissa
I like your story, I'm glad you updated. I like time-traveling/disguise stories and your is different and interesting.
11/18/2003 c9 Lady Psyche
i really love this fic! please continue updating.

If you could make each chappies longer and faster, please do...
11/18/2003 c9 8Silverfyshxin
Great chapter. Like I said in my earlier review, this fic explores a lot of things that we never think that Harry might feel. Thanks for the new perspective.
11/18/2003 c9 RuffledFeathers
Great job!

It's Lily, right?
11/18/2003 c9 4MedNar
yay! You updated! *hugs* *starts to write review*

I loved how Harry got mad at Peter, Remus, and the others-after all he's been through, and how he had seen his father as this wonderful person, it's got to hit him hard to see them act this way. I'm very eager to see the DADA class (Harry showing off is so much fun! I love him that way. :) ) and I want to see the rest of the confrontation with Lily! What's gonna happen? I bet she's going to agree with him on how they were being jerks to the Slytherins-according to the Pensieve, she didn't like it. Anyway, you need to update soon so I can get my daily dose of fanfic! *grins* Love your story.

And I understand 'bout school-it's really annoying. I didn't have as much homework today as I normally do, and I was freaking out because I thought I was missing something. Turns out I wasn't, but I'm used to having more homework... anyway, update soon and I'll review!
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