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11/10/2003 c8 8Silverfyshxin
Pretty good. I've never theought that Harry might be jealous of James. It's and interesting angle.
10/29/2003 c8 prongschick
i really liked this chapter cuz harry spent a lot more time with the marauders! can you please email me when you post the next chapter? my email's thanks!
10/27/2003 c8 1Siri Kat
Wow! I think that this might be the best time travel fic that I've read! I mean,, the marauders didn't sit with Harry on the way to Hogwart, Harry has another friend, AND he doesn't act too wierd! Please continue ASAP!
10/27/2003 c8 Lady Psyche
well... its a really nice story. hope you'll update more often and sooner
10/25/2003 c7 padfootrox2003
i under stand your athors note. my dad died 2 years ago.
10/24/2003 c8 4MedNar
Ah, it was a good chapter! Don't worry 'bout it. Hope you're feeling better.

I like how James was jealous of Harry-it got me thinking. he probably would be, because he doesn't know Harry's his son or anything. Can't wait to see more!
10/24/2003 c8 5Goldengirl2
nice start

keep writing
10/23/2003 c8 Duchessa
*grin* nice chapter. You written Harry very well, this is actually one of the fics where I can confuse canon for. JK Rowling and her tendencies to late updates...After 3-4 years of waiting, can you blame me for mixing canon & fanon together?

Will there be a DADA class next? It'll give Harry a chance to show off. And how about Quidditch? Dennis too...

'James was jealous of him? It made no sense. Ever since Harry had entered Hogwarts, people seemed to think that he was just an imitation – and not a particularly good one – of his father. He had quickly grown to ignore that behavior, and had no small amount of contempt for it now that he had seen Snape’s worst memory…'

*wince* I got that feeling too...specially when Sirius is involved...I love the mutt, but he can be a prat. Let harry outdone his father a bit more will you! Will harry develop a friendship with Lily? I hope he will.

10/23/2003 c8 9Cataclysmic
cool story I can't wait for the next chapter!
10/22/2003 c8 1Maethoriell
Hey if you're sick you don't have school meaning you have more time to type giving us a faster update right?
10/22/2003 c8 Melissa
I like your fic! Especially the secret identity and character interactions. But why is he in the past? Just a vacation?
10/21/2003 c7 david
first of all the movies never siad that lily and the marauders weren't all giffindors secondly you need to read the first book james being a chaser is a common misconception brought on my conveenance in fanfictions that harry goes back in time in and people simply forgetting also acording to hagrid in the first book lily and james were head boy and girl in the fith she breaks her own canon if you don't belive me check and i'm not talking about the movie i mean the BOOK i'm sorry if i came off as rude but people should at least double check the facts when writeing these things
10/21/2003 c8 RuffledFeathers
I hope you'll feel better soon!

Who's 'amused voice' is it?

Great chapter!
10/21/2003 c8 6Tropic
very good, can't wait for more.
10/21/2003 c8 stabthesky
ur story's great! but why did he go back into the past? u dont mention that at all. and i feel for u. im sick too. it sucks. and on friday is a dance, which i need to help set up to get community hours, which is due on that day, so if im sick and cant go, ill get a C. whoa! big run-on sentence! just keep writing! ur story rulz!
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