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7/29/2008 c9 17HP-words.of.wisdom
Woah. Nice ending to that chapter! That was really neat! Please update soon!
7/16/2008 c9 KinNoHa
Please Update soon, IM DYING TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN! I have wait for a maybe a month to know what happen :(.

7/15/2008 c1 5Global Conquest-er
Goodness, I love this story. Dont be misled by the fact that I am reviewing the AUTHORS NOTE, but, I intend to send to you these messages about your story as I can see that you do not allow PMs. So there. I have read all "9 chapters" of your story, see that it has been updated about five-some years ago, and can not help but ask: "Are you still there?" If you ARE still there, and STILL have the same email address, which I think would actually be not-so-easily-happening, but whatever, I would ask you, plead with you, to let me (or someone else) know, or at least update this DELICIOUS story. So, if you are there . . . Please.
5/9/2008 c9 Kalilene
WHy the bloody hell did you fill half of this chapter with reviews? That really isn't very interesting to readers. And there is such a thing as review reply. Do us all a favour and stick with that instead of pasting it all in a chapter.
5/2/2008 c9 2hypercell
5/2/2008 c6 hypercell
5/2/2008 c4 hypercell
Where did he get money? Like how much did he bring and where did he keep it?
5/2/2008 c3 hypercell
lol! I love this!
5/2/2008 c1 hypercell
That is a good Theory, But I have one that has nothing to do with magic. When you go back in time, you can't change the future because you are helping the future happen. This doesn't stop me from reading fanfics that contradict this, It's just my Theory, and I am trying to write a fanfic with it. I have everything (plot, ending ect.) but the story...
4/23/2008 c9 xTullyx
This is story is becoming my fave time travel fic. It's really well written. I like the fact that you aren't rushing things and that you are using proper english and not slang. I hate slang stories and ones that have mispelled words and incorrect facts.

Finally someone who bases the story on the book and not the movie.


Can't wait for more. Keep 'em comming!
4/9/2008 c9 4blueyblonde
i love it

really great

love it
3/8/2008 c9 17Halan Lore
WHAT THE! It's been three years bout since you've updated? I oughta suggest you do update other wise.
1/22/2008 c9 2Random Muggle
First of all, I would like to say that I love your story. It has many different points that most stories don't adress. However, I would like to comment on something in your profile. I read your profile and proceeded to visit I went there with low expectations, and yet I was still dissapointed. It shocks me to find that people belive that garbage. Answer me this:

Q: Who will obey the anti-gun laws?

A: Law-abiding citizens.

Q: Who will ignore these laws?

A: Criminals.

Therefore, who is armed? How do you expect people to protect themselves against crimanals and murderers? The police force can only do so much. If every one were armed, the crime rate would lower exponentally. After all, who would want to rob some one whom they know is armed?
12/27/2007 c9 8Jordana Kari
Hi, I really like this story and I hope you update soon, but I wont hold my breath since the last time you updated was 2003.
12/19/2007 c9 dinawen
nice story
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