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6/26/2006 c9 1ceebs
dang this story is good! but you haven't updated for so long! plz don't drop this story...can't wait to read more!
5/23/2006 c9 Rosygirl
This is a really great story. I think that Harry choosing to sit back down with the remaining mauraders was the right to do. He doesn't want to change the timeline possibly affect his future. I also think that regardless of how big of a "prat" his father or Sirius may be he will still want to be around them as much as possible. I hope that they do come to their senses soon because it's hard enough for Harry to be around them and not try to change them, if they keep pranking people maliciously he will find it much harder to not meddle with time.
3/12/2006 c9 upjumpsun
any more?
2/17/2006 c9 mreader
Oh! good story!
1/17/2006 c9 10daeshie o'rivers
i think i might kill you

i'm all excited about this chapter, looks all long and stuff

2/3 of it were review replies

spare me

i like the fic but it was more than a slight annoyance

please update.
1/4/2006 c9 22idreamof
please update soon... It's really good, and the writing is really good... I love time travel fics
12/4/2005 c9 Queene
This was a great chapter! But why did Harry go back in time? Is it one of Dumbledore's nutter ideas?(Brilliant, yes, but still nutters).
11/12/2005 c9 10Whitetree-Nimloth
Hey, nice story. I see you've got some ideas. Go on!
11/8/2005 c9 9reighost
10/21/2005 c9 Twin Tails Speed
This is very good.
10/17/2005 c9 BadHatHarry
great story update soon
10/10/2005 c9 2Dnic5
I like it keep it up
10/3/2005 c9 gussiegal5
you have to keep updating this story rocks
8/22/2005 c9 JeanieBeanie33
Bravo! Definitely one of the best Harry-goes-back-in-time stories I've ever read! Keep it up, and update soon, please!
8/2/2005 c9 1Anjali Sahra
Would you believe this is the first Harry Potter fanfic I've read? Last updated two years ago (tsk!) and I've landed on it just now. It all started with a review you left for a story somewhere. I don't even remember what the story was, but your writing certainly leaves an impression! :)

You might find it strange, but your author's note in the first chapter is what hooked me. And then reading your rant about what happens to you-know-who with the veil-well! A fan after my own heart, you are. Don't make me get into the fact that I went through the five stages of mourning because of it. Actually, I'm still in denial, but I digress. Your musings on the series delve just far enough below the surface that I was all too eager to know how such thoughtful views would affect the construction of a story. I was also delighted by your reflections of Harry's personality in the last chapter (author's note). Agree, agree, agree.

Now, in regards to your story: I love it... mostly because I love what you've done with Harry. I suppose it comes naturally from forming such a complex understanding of him. Beautiful writing. The characterizations of the Marauders are interesting, and I'm one of those who really hope to see them grow out of the phase before Harry returns to his own time. Ah, that leads me to the question left unanswered. Like the other reviewer, I'm not sure I caught why he travelled there in the first place or if he was simply allowed for the purpose of meeting his parents. And, yes, I can see that Harry and Lily will form a friendship in future chaps. Ahem. Perhaps wanting to get a little too close there, Lily, girl?

I'm resisting laying a guilt trip on you. Negative emotions won't allow the creative juices to flow for chapter 10. So I won't mention again that this is the only HP story I'm reading and all, nope. Gonna keep that to myself. Not gonna talk about the multitude of fans waiting patiently. All the 152 reviews you've received... I'll just sit quietly and hope you update. Cass! Where are you? Please update soon!
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