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7/3/2005 c9 siriuslyobsessed
Update please;)
6/17/2005 c9 7Pyro
I ran accross this story and noticed that you haven't updated it in awhile. It is a very good story,and I do hope you will be writing more of it,especially after you've left us with sich a cliffhanger. I really want to see how Lily and Harry react towards each other.
6/15/2005 c9 8nates
Wow. Great pacing, characterisation and syntax. I really do hope you continue, as such honest to canon time travel fics are hard to come by.

So please don't abandon this fic, pretty please?
6/5/2005 c1 Never Odd Or eveN
I'm loven this fic, added it to my c2
5/18/2005 c9 hpfananita
An interesting fic, nicely done in that Harry's meeting his parents and not just automatically idolising them. Does Dumbledore Know Harry's from the future.Update soon please.
4/23/2005 c9 Janelily
So when is the new update? or are you going to leave us hanging 'pout'
4/22/2005 c9 20Hazel Maraa
Update soon!
4/15/2005 c9 Frogger
I really enjoy this story! You are keeping Harry in character, but you aren't overdoing it. I get so annoyed with some people when they give Harry a really overdone character. What's worse is when they make a dark personality sound evil. Please. Just because a person is sarcastic and doesn't side fully with the 'Light' side does not make them evil. I'm sarcastic and don't agree with everything a person says just because of who they are, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go out and kill somebody. Dark does not equal Evil no matter the fact that everybody shown in the Wizarding World seems to have childish feelings about the whole thing. They never seem to realize that there are gray areas and not every Slytherin is evil. I mean, seriously! If you think about it, it would make very little sense for many Slytherins to become Deatheaters. No matter how much power they'd gain allying with a 'Dark Lord,' they still have to grovel to a halfblood. Of course, most of them probably don't know this, but the Purebloods are always shown as being so proud, and yet they are willing to grovel in front of a man that looks like a snake. I mean, even if they didn't want to side with the 'Light' they could at least try to stay out of it.

Sorry about the rant, but I hope you see my point. I was just going to leave you a nice review about how I like your story and all. There was something I found really funny though. McGonagall were having so much trouble changing Harry's appearance in the...prologue? Anyway. Wherever you put it, it was funny. Especially mentioning the charm that McGonagall used. Something about her brother having used it to glue his hair to his head. I really enjoyed that scene. There. Now you have my rant and know how much I enjoyed that part. That's all for now.
3/6/2005 c9 Japs
Love this story. I honestly hope that you haven't forgotten or abandoned this, as that'd be a shame for all of your fans.

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this.

Loff Japs.
2/28/2005 c9 xxJaredxx
Oh man, what a story so far. I enjoy stories about Harry going back in time and meeting MWPP, I hope you update soon.

2/19/2005 c3 debz
instead of above and beyoned u should have put oustandling outstanding oo and no 1 ever getting it before and he os brill at charms dada transfiguration and potions too and knows lots of stuff in care of magiical creatures tournament in stuff herblolgy history of magic crap and oustanding in divination after all buck beak did end up free ! haha lol he made a prediction
1/31/2005 c9 Frankiethegreat
Bitchy? no way, great chapter

1/31/2005 c7 Frankiethegreat

I really like this story, but as for the parents died thing i just have to tell you this story. My dad died when i was little also (your right it doest get pretty damn annoying when people say i'm sorry.) Well, one time i was talking to this guy i just met and i asked him about his parents and he told me his dad died. He looked at me waiting for a sympathy look but istead i smirked and said, "oh really mine too," he just stared at me. Five minutes later he started laughing.

And as for the british terminology, i lived in england for 6 monthes and i picked up alot of the terms and habbits (tea is so much better than coffe), so if you need help you can e-mail me at

Happy writing,

1/27/2005 c9 delete-account-please 742011
yeah great chapter please asap please please please please update update update update
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