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1/17/2005 c9 jentrollgirl
I really admire your story, it really makes sense, and follows details in the book that would have led up to that point! I can't wait to read the reast of the story, and find out what happends next! Happy writing!


1/2/2005 c1 jjeeff185
the only reson i am revewing this chapter is becuse i like your theory. and have many difrent theorys about magic my self. :)
12/5/2004 c9 5black-velvet-roses11
update soon!
12/3/2004 c9 6Anora
O.O are you going to have Lily get a crush on Harry? O.O
11/5/2004 c9 7Lachwen
wow love the story!
11/2/2004 c5 6Japonica
Hope you haven't forgotten about this, and I hope that you'll update it at some point!
10/28/2004 c9 1moonypadfoot
Wow, I really like this story. I hope you'll continue, yes? I don't see the need for anyone to give you flames or "borderline insults". I really like your work, and I really am anxious to find out what happens with Lily and Harry! Update soon! ~moonypadfoot

P.s. Don't let flamers get you down! ^.^
10/21/2004 c9 beauty7890102
yeah good story please put up a new chapter soon.
10/10/2004 c9 8Dadaiiro
wow! it was Lily!

It was really brave of Harry to tell Remus and Pettigrew what he thought about James' and Sirius' little act. by the way, why did they glared at Harry when he signed Dennis to sit with them? is it because of his family being Slytherin? well, they shouldn't, after all Sirius' family is as bad as his, and he didn't turn out like them either. what is Lily going to tell Harry? uh oh... I hope she doesn't takes too much liking on him, James would be really mad. ah! what will happen next? pleas update soon!
10/10/2004 c4 Dadaiiro
until now I understand that he just lightly changed his apariene and left to Hogwarts from the past, but what year will he be in? will he be with his parents? what kind of back ground story did he made up along with Dumbledor, McGonagall and Flitwik so that the past teachers believe him? oh, this is interesting, I'll just keep on reading.
10/7/2004 c9 Jersey Princess
I HATE that Siri dies.

KTU, and update, because it's really really good!

I really want to know what happens next!

luv ya,

10/7/2004 c8 Jersey Princess
Thanks for the HC talk. I had no idea about it before. Interactive kisses for you!

Very good. KIU!

10/7/2004 c7 Jersey Princess
What I say to people with dead parents:


Whaddaya fink?

KIU, this is cool!

10/7/2004 c6 Jersey Princess
lol with Maths.


10/7/2004 c5 Jersey Princess

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