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6/2 c3 1Rhyn3
wait, hold up! How did her chakra double while it was sealed away? or am I misunderstanding it? when the Seigen Shirou was applied, Seals 1 through 10 are the collective power of the Biju, while Seal 11, which doesn't exist yet but I'm using to represent her independent reserves, is slightly larger than Kurama. But the way I'm reading it now, Seal 11 are equal to her max reserves immediately after killing Isshiki. Which is kinda bullshit. the only reason Naruto/Natsumi was able to grow her reserves so fast as to surpass Kurama at age 32 was because of the seal holding Kurama forcefully feeding his chakra into the jinchuriki from basically birth to constantly increase their reserves, toughen their network, and accustom their body to his chakra. Natsumi was being fed from Hachibi level reserves for 11 years before she actually started using her chakra enough for it to grow the normal way. I fully believe the only reason her reserves were able to advance so fast in canon was because of the constant use of Shadow Clones allowing the seal to send her more of Kurama's chakra. so, broken down, I see her chakra growth as: 12 years as idle Hachibi Jinchuriki, a couple of months of mostly idle Hachibi Jinchuriki chakra growth with some genin level reserve expansion to supplement, 3 years of active Hachibi Jinchuriki training with a slowly slackening of the seal on top of jounin reserve expansion training and Sage training, almost a year of consistent kage level combat, then releasing all limiters on the seal before fighting the 4th Shinobi War, getting Rikudō Sennin Mōdo, and getting all of Kurama. Then there are 15 years where Kurama's chakra is being fed to her reserves at a rate limited only by her body, but those 15 years were largely peaceful and a good decade were spent as Hokage. So, the way I see it, she was advancing a Hachibi every 15 years while she was a Jinchuriki. But now, over the course of 100 years, you have her advancing 4 Hachibi without a Tailed Beast to force her reserves to grow, in peacetime, without focusing on training as she spent a decade or two as Hokage, then retired to spend time with Hiroto until he died at 82, and the next 50 years were spent doing whatever with the toads. I just don't see her reserves tripling with her limited training, even a hundred years doesn't make up for the fact that it took 30 years as a Jinchuriki10 as an active ninjato reach two Hachibi, without a Tailed Beast she would be advancing at a rate proportional to her training, and even Uzumaki couldn't reach high-tailed* reserveseven during the previous generation of legends, so the idea that without a Tailed Beast, constant reserve expansion training, or an external source of chakra aside from Senjūtsu to absorb, I refuse to believe that 25 years could result in a Hachibi of growth

A "Hachibi" is a personal unit of measurement for the high extreme of chakra reserves, which is based on the fanon (and in universe misunderstanding) where each tailed beast is twice as powerful as the tailed beast with 1 tail fewer. canonically, this is not true, but the idea was introduced to the audience early on by Kurama whose arrogance equated the fact that he had the most tails and was the most powerful. My headcanon is that the "doubling in power by tails" was going to be true, with Kurama being the Jūbi and Gyūki being of Kurama, but by the time hagoromo got to Chōmei he realized that he wouldn't have enough chakra for the Sanbi, Nibi, and Ichibi to develop egos and independent existences so in order to keep with the theme of a beast for each number of tails he made the last seven about equal in power but with diverse abilities to compensate. I stopped it at Gyūki because there has to be a reason Kurama trusts him to be so powerful compared to the other beasts other than him being the eight tail. basically, a Hachibi is of the Jūbi, of complete Kurama, and equal to Yin/Yang Kurama
* Kyūbi, Hachibi, and Nanabi
I am assuming this because Kisame was called "the tail-less beast" because of Samehada's reserves rivaling a mature high-tailed jinchuriki's
a personal term I use for the periods in a world's history with abnormally high concentrations of extremely powerful characters causing major changes in the world. in this case, every known instance of Asura and Indra have been the most prominent members of a Generation of Legends
6/2 c2 Rhyn3
so that was totally inspired by the cromwell invocation from Hellsing, huh?
6/2 c2 Rhyn3
so, did she just not go to tokyo and Kyoto?
5/23 c4 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
4th chapter was awesome. Kockateal talked dat shit and riggidy rekt himself. Cause P.O.D was bad for his health. XD
5/23 c3 Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Chapter3 is adorable
5/23 c6 SouichiroBaeza
This was such a wholesome fic, and I loved it. Thanks for a great story
5/23 c6 Paul Ruth
Excellent story u should make a sequel
5/23 c6 naruto
great chapter keep it up
5/23 c6 ParadoxTheory374
Would you possibly do another DxD one with Natsumi x Rias but with a healthy relationship? Maybe have Natsumi replace Riser? It'll be interesting.

Enjoyed this work as well, appreciate it.
5/23 c6 Dasgun
5/22 c6 MrSunshine744
this was a great fic to read, I really liked the ending too, you did a great job with this!
5/22 c6 Tsukoblue
This was a great story

looking forward to seeing what you come up with next
5/22 c6 Banjo the Fox
Damn, nicely done.
5/22 c6 luisangeltorresparedes
Una historia realmente increible, muy pocos pueden darle la escencia el final como tu lo hiciste.
5/22 c6 Guest
I would have wanted to see the reaction of Rezvim and his lackey to Trihexa’s death!? And their final fate!
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