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for Still Her Big Sister

6/19 c1 6ColdSpike2475
Very cute and well-paced.
4/29 c1 indiginous2014
I really liked this story and Edith is such a great character. She's my favorite character in the movies but a lot. I love how much she really still loves Agnes. I love this story so much!
4/16 c1 2GrucyFanatic
I got a notification that you posted a new story, and I was so excited! I always know I’m in for a real treat when I start reading a new story of yours, and this one was no exception! This is so, so sweet. I love that the girls are a bit older in this one, so readers get to see that tension in Edith and Agnes’s relationship has existed for a while and so that Lucy has had more time to learn the ropes of motherhood. The way you took the few examples of Edith’s annoyed reactions to Agnes in the movies and fleshed them out into a deeper, more personal issue was excellent. It was great thinking to have the conflict unfold in Margo’s absence; it allowed Edith and Agnes to have closer contact with one another and put their feelings toward each other on full display. I felt Edith’s pain and related her desires to both be a good sister and save some time for her own needs and interests. The lines “Why is she the one who gets to feel lonely?” and “The kingdom needs its ninja”...SO. GOOD. Those hit deep. I also appreciate that Lucy didn’t tell Edith to focus solely on playing with her sisters to solve the problem, but that she considered Edith’s needs as well and suggested balance and compromise. As usual, you wrote with striking detail and ensured the character interactions were entirely spot-on. Fantastic work, Swalker2000! (I’m so sorry for my incredibly long review; I just hope you know your work is appreciated! :) )

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