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5/22 c1 GinnyB
Loved these scenes with a slightly inebriated Della - her uninhibited behavior is endearing with its honesty and openness. What Barbara Hale brought to the tv shows was a delightful glue that had a way of holding various scenes together. She didn't get enough credit (IMHO) for her contribution. Perhaps ESG didn't want romance to mix with the legal emphasis, but the PM FF tends to thankfully make up for that deficit.
4/22 c1 25CaptainChaos
Loved it. Very good,
4/21 c1 30SlvrVxn
Very, very cute.
4/17 c1 Adlig de Somel
Thanks for posting this beautiful story in honey of beautiful Barbara.
4/17 c1 Guest
Good celebration story. Thanks for w.
4/18 c1 6PD4758PW
I wonder if anyone has counted the number of times Perry used Della in a clandestine way to gather information for his cases over the years. She was really good at what she did. This was a funny story with Della being so inebriated doing her job. Thanks for writing!
4/17 c1 tengland2
Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.
4/17 c1 52shari
So good. Uncle Dubs said you captured his friend Barbara Hale perfectly. She was silly (her sense of humor) snd after a couple cocktails she’d was a hoot. Thank you for capturing his friend
4/17 c1 Tamarral
Absolutely loved this story

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