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for Make Me a Soldier, Lord

5/9 c1 14A Talking Cat
Oh - oh - oh - beautiful - perfection - I don't have any words left - I hope you see the admiration and emotion that I'm feeling - glorious -
4/19 c1 aljaira
Reading a good story like this one, I suggest you join Novel Star's writing competition on April.
4/17 c1 35ScribeofHeroes
An incredible story of bravery and trust ...

God bless
4/17 c1 68BrokenKestral
...is it bad that I saw the story summary and my first thought was, "Oh no. Oh, NO." I knew you'd write it well, and you would probably break my heart.

I loved that it is ICE that creeps through his veins at the news; a throwback to another time of despair - and yet you finish with hope. That was lovely.

His firm, fierce acceptance of Aslan's will, even though it breaks him - "though He slay me, yet will I trust Him." You made that beautiful even in agony.

"Would you take from the future its hope?" Always, our stories are better told by the King above all, even above time.

Beautiful; you have shown that "Thy will be done" is rarely a passive thing, but a glorious surrender - and one that leads to joy in the morning. Glorious.

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