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6/7/2022 c10 Kingsharkanime
Please continue the current story
6/6/2022 c10 3Fictionlover87
Continue the story just don't do a narutoxhinata
6/6/2022 c10 enteleixaduke
Please update this
6/5/2022 c10 1Flame Kitsune 15
I want you to continue the story it has soo much potential and I like where it's going so far
6/5/2022 c10 shadesslayer
I love this story so far, but id like to see more recognition for the uzumaki clan if possible I feel like thats a underused avenue in most stories.
6/5/2022 c10 Guest
por favor continua
6/5/2022 c10 gaytan.miguel1
I say continue the story
6/4/2022 c9 Exzavur
Please continue, this fic is realy good and very entertaining. Thank you for the time you put in the story. Looking forward to future chapters.
6/4/2022 c9 3Stephane az
2/14/2022 c8 Guest
I'm really sorry to hear he passed away. I'm glad your going to finish this story in his memory.
2/13/2022 c8 a reader
sorry to hear that the author is gone.
take your time to continue on with the story and good luck.
2/12/2022 c8 3Fictionlover87
I'm so sorry for your loss may he R.I.P
2/12/2022 c8 3Stephane az
Toutes mes condoléances soutien a toi et a tous ces proches
2/11/2022 c8 8Wildheart75
I'm so sorry for your loss. He was a talented writer and I'm so glad I came across his work 3 I'm sure you'll do the story justice 3
8/6/2021 c7 Kingofsenju
Keep it up
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