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for Falling Into My Arms (Irina X Bella)

5/16 c29 page0turner
What I think is that the whole Volturi went against their own laws for a greedy act of stealing and coming in between mates. This means the Volturi involved all need to die.
2/28 c29 5fongstar5
Absolutely! Ahhh, what a chapter. Genuinely love how freaking kind Bella is. Will be looking forward to the next one!
1/3 c25 1Emmpower
Is Bella branching out from her preference for blondes?
1/2 c20 Emmpower
I get that Rosalie is scared for Bella's safety, but it surprised me just how harsh she acted in her misguided attempt to push Bella away, seeing as they don't really have any idea what kind of danger she is in. At least Rosalie got over that act quickly.
1/2 c11 Emmpower
Oh boy
12/16/2021 c29 AshesRestraintHealing
This is insaneeeeeee. Im going stir crazy waiting for the next chapter. Ive marathoned the whole story and man Im sooo excited. Hope to see your update soon! Thanks for the awesome read so far:)
11/25/2021 c29 Alley Bastiaens-Brideau
Love this please update
11/16/2021 c29 faythnoele
Is there to be any more updates?
11/1/2021 c29 merniizztat
Actualiza pronto por favor...
9/25/2021 c29 lkatsumi662
Me fue un poco confuso pero lo entendí por fin, me gusta
Espero que la continúes
9/10/2021 c29 Kayliah
I love your story, it's really good and original. I hope you will continue
9/8/2021 c1 LemonLime17
Can Rosalie join their relationshipppp plssssssssssss
8/14/2021 c1 merniizztat
8/10/2021 c29 Guest
Honestly, I have no idea what is going on. I have reread since chapter 25 to now hoping to make sense of it and still nothing. Where is Bella, are they back at Voltera, or somewhere close. How did Edward get to her without her mates. Who was the vampire responsible for Bella’s nightmares. In chapter 24 they realise another vampire is present, but it jumps to Bella with the Volturi. Did the rest of rest Cullens go after that vampire, is that why only Rosalie was left with Bella. I hope when Bella gets her memories back, she has some strong words for Sam. His idiocy got Bella taken. That much I understand.
8/10/2021 c29 JessyM83
The wolves stupidity got Bella kidnapped. They cannot be allowed to get away with it. They broke the treaty and even realising there was another vampire there, they still carried on with their misguided rescue.
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