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for Falling Into My Arms (Irina X Bella)

5/17/2021 c18 Guest
Oh boy, can’t wait for the next chapter. I suspected something was influencing Bella’s dreams, and now we might just get the confirmation. Love this story.
5/17/2021 c18 Guest
This chapter was great, but I hope Rose get more free time with Bella. I feel like she being left out and isn’t experiencing the mate bond as much.
5/19/2021 c20 DxGRAYxMAN
In the words of the rock "finally"
5/17/2021 c18 yogibears
Wow, this story is so good. Found it by accident, always loved Bella with one of the Denalis. And Irina / Bella is rare. Do not mind Bella / Irina / Rosalie also :) Looking forward to see how this unfolds. Cheers!
5/15/2021 c17 natcityjp
This chapter was fun. Flirty, smart, assertive Bella is awesome. I hope Rosalie gets with it. She's missing out!
5/14/2021 c17 4l3xy
Omg I love it! Thank you for writing this fic! There isn't enough BellaxIrina fic so I really appreciate this one! Two suggestions thoughFirst add Irina and Rosalie in the characters with Bella. It would be much easier to find your story for anyone looking for Irina/Bella or Bella/Rosalie. Second I think you should change the rating to a T or even a M.
5/9/2021 c15 DeathCrawler
nice story and look forward the next chapters and since it looks like Rosalie will be in the pairing maybe time to update the title?
5/6/2021 c13 angela22zuni
si , Rosalie
5/5/2021 c12 DxGRAYxMAN
Why do I have a feeling rosalie has left
5/1/2021 c10 1Magic2488
Did not see that divorce happening. Makes everything more interesting now. Can't wait to read more
4/28/2021 c1 cyrilalbar06
The story is powerful; I like how it was presented. Good job writer! If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
4/24/2021 c8 Guest
I'm hooked! I love the way you write, it felt like I know the characters personally.
4/22/2021 c6 Alrayel
Essa estória é incrível, estou ansiosa para os próximos capítulos. Você escreve super bem, a leitura de cada capítulo é muito hipnotizante. Espero que atualize em breve.
4/24/2021 c8 DxGRAYxMAN
Wait is rose her mate as well
4/24/2021 c8 BlackSwan02
Oh my god ! I loooooove this story ! I can’t wait the next chapter !
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