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5/20 c1 3TheOtherLopez
Explain, if you please, exactly HOW is posting constructive criticism bullying? In your post, cyber bullying is defined as "using [sic] the Internet to try to harass or humiliate another person." Under that definition, wouldn't YOU calling someone an idiot and/or stupid be classified as bullying? It's certainly verbal abuse. I honestly do not understand why you seem to take the reviews for your stories as a personal attack. I've read most of the reviews and they don't look like an attack to me. If you don't like a review, ignore it instead of firing back and making a big deal out of it. Reporting all of us to the FBI because we gave your stories a bad review is ridiculous. What happens if they review your "evidence" and decide you don't have a case? Could they decide to bring you up on those charges you're threatening people with. As for tracing our ip addresses, it may be legal, but it can come back and bite you in the ass. Don't you have anything better to do that put people down and call them stupid because they didn't like your stories? Apparently not.
5/10 c2 7Royslady51
Now, since you are this insistent with your constant attempts (and epic failures) to emotionally damage someone who has a healthy ego and a good self-esteem level, and who knows better than to take you seriously, common sense tells me you're doing it to others, perhaps, who do NOT have a healthy ego, who have a low self-esteem and who do take you seriously, so I have to be concerned with what damages you might be inflicting on those people. You are just too well practiced at this sort of verbal barrage not to have made a habit of it.

For that reason you've been reported to the FBI who can and will TRACK you. Every time you post something to a website, your computer leaves being certain kinds of information...like your MAC Address. A MAC address is specific to ONE computer in the world, only: It's a computer's fingerprint. With a subpoena, the feds can get the identifying bits your computer left behind, as well as your GPS location (Lat/Long) and other things they need to pinpoint your location, and track ALL of your communication history.

They can easily get transcripts of everything you have said, to anyone. Ever. At that point, if there is as prosecutable offense which has not had it's statute of limitation already expire, you're very likely to be charged. If you do not live in the USA, well, they DO talk to Interpol, you know? Either way, you're likely to be in deep, deep doo-doo.

This is not my first rodeo, you are not the first internet idiot of this type I've dealt with, and this time because of improvements in federal laws, I don't have to track you down to your street address myself.

I could. I've done it before, that's why I knew which software to buy to do that. It's not difficult, really, just time consuming. Once I have your domain identified, showing copies of these posts to the abuse support division is enough to get most domains to drop you permanently. And IP ban you as well as warn other providers. BUT, it's more satisfying for me to let the Feds do all that, since they can add criminal charges to the process, as well.

fbi dot gov / audio - repository / news - podcasts - thisweek - cyber - bullying dot mp3 / view

quote start:

Audio Transcript

Mollie Halpern: The FBI is seeing more cyber bullying complaints coming through its Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, than it has in the past.

Herbert Stapleton: Things that a bully might have done face to face on a playground 20 years ago now are sometimes being done over the Internet.

Halpern: I’m Mollie Halpern, and this is FBI, This Week. Cyber bullying is when somebody uses the Internet to try to harass or humiliate another person. Supervisory Special Agent Herbert Stapleton…

Stapleton: In certain circumstances, cyber bullying can violate federal law, which the FBI would investigate.

Halpern: Cyber bullying can have dangerous and damaging consequences. The FBI teaches parents and children how to reduce the chances of becoming victims through our community outreach programs.

Stapleton: We suggest practicing good online etiquette. And remember that things that are said online can be harmful or hurtful to victims.

Halpern: For tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber bullying, .com. And if you think you’re a victim of cyber bullying—or any type of computer-based crime—report it at www dot ic3 dot gov.

End Quote

So much for the reassurances by someone who doesn't know nearly as much as they thought they did...I actually research things BEFORE I decide what I will do, so, guess anyone relying anyone that claims that there's nothing the LEOs can do about it, is wrong...which means they're also SOL if a reporting party is acting within the law. Which I am. Nice try, though...because the FBI, NOT THE LOCAL POLICE, the feds, people, recommend complaints to be filed with them.

It's illegal to file a false complaint or one that has no way to prosecute it...that's why they tell people up front that sometimes there ARE federal laws being violated and since the laws are federal, that crosses state lines and those territorial boundaries for U.S. Territories. Do try to remember to look things like this up before you tell people it's okay and nobody will stop or care or whatever. Because you just lied to your friends. IF you have any friends. I noticed a long time ago that I get three or more new idiots showing up within minutes of blocking one of your shadow accounts...so I decided to invest in some IP tracking software. I sent them the rather interesting results as well. You are not as well hidden or as invisible as you thought...and while I won't bother with you, physically, the feds just might decide you are not responsible enough to continue to enjoy internet capabilities.

Now, once I had the fed report in and had the Case/Docket number, THEN I reported it to the website, along with the docket number for their use, education and to make a point.

Have a nice day.
5/9 c1 fallenhope731
Hiya, how you doing? Just decided to stop in and clarify something. Namely "reporting all this to the police" is just pompous hot air. Take it from me, someone who got told that, "for bullying someone" for saying similar things as I did to you, and so to show them, made an account openly "rping" as them to make fun of them. Nothing happened. Why? Because there's nothing they can do, even if they cared to, which they don't. All that "I've reported this to the authorities" bs is is a scare tactic from people such as yourself who think people unaware of how jurisdictions, and all. Rather than come to terms with maybe it's you who is the issue, you continue to at this point quadruple down because "f it" I guess... Also, since you pulled the religious "no one but god can judge me"... judgment doesn't save you from the law of man, and given lots of what you write about is so abhorrent to law of man, of course people react that way. If you are this salty about criticism, do as literally everyone has told you, and just google drive or something. Because as long as you post on a site like this, you open yourself to criticism, and it's no one's fault but your own that a woman your age can't handle people bashing your twisted fantasies or whatever. That's on you, for being such a crappy person. Maybe take one from the religion you follow, and try to be better, more "Christ" like... not just a blatant hypocrite.
5/8 c2 NotWhinging1
If you were truly writing for yourself, and only yourself, you wouldn't take such offense to people's criticism and run to your "great wall of whinging" to have your toddler temper tantrum each time somebody doesn't praise your trash. As that one lovely guest pointed out, there are online storage options available, such as Google Docs which not only help to get your gross trash off your hard drive but also ensures that the rest of us aren't exposed to your drivel. Not to mention you wouldn't need to have a meltdown everytime someone tells you what a shit writer and person you are. I think everyone would win. But we all know you're just making excuses because you refuse to admit that you do in fact care what we all think of your trash. Unless you have a computer from 20 years ago, hard drive space isn't an issue these days, especially when it comes to storing text documents. Do you know how little space text documents require, even for giant stories? No of course you don't, you're too busy whinging on the internet while accusing others of whinging. I'd also like to point out that calling people idiots in your great wall of whinging for "purposely reading something they knew they wouldn't like" is false. People started complaining BEFORE you added the warning to your summary. But anything to make it seem like people are just brain dead losers, right? The only one being an idiot in public is you and always has been you. You're pathetic. As one guest pointed out, your only enjoyment in life is deriding others who don't share your mindset. Nobody should ever give someone like you praise even if you did somehow manage to write something decent. To which I honestly don't think you have the mental capacity to do. How does it feel knowing that the fandom is now aware of what a lunatic you are?
5/8 c1 NotWhinging1
Just going to repost these amazing guest reviews for you.

You spelled "slack" and "whine" wrong in a summary where you threaten to mock anyone who doesn't like your story. Very mature and ironic.

I was the reader who liked this story and reviewed, but then was offended that you removed my review. FYI, in the first posting of this, you did NOT label it ANYWHERE in summary or tags that it had spiritual or magical realism in it. There was not even an author's note at the beginning that noted the spiritual aspects. Had YOU taken the responsibility AS THE WRITER to properly tag YOUR WORK, I would have known to avoid this story. So I guess the person who should be mocked should be you because apparently you don't have the ability or knowledge on how to properly tag your work. SMH at your horrible, nasty attitude towards readers. Just wow.

I feel sorry for you. Apparently your only joy in life is deriding others who don't follow your mindset. You're like the Donald Trump of Emergency fanfiction. You've both got the massive ego and entitled attitude. If someone disagrees with you or points out a flaw, instead of accepting it, you take to your profile to unleash yet another rant about how you think people are stupid. Actually I think most on here are pretty smart. They know crazy when they see it. Please get some help before you blow a gasket.

Love that you deleted my previous review about not being able to spell "slack" or "whine" while having the nerve to call everyone else out and "mock" them for not liking your story. Seems like the jury is in and you're just an immature brat who can't handle criticism or the truth. Good luck handling real life, you're going to need it.

Why is it the worst writers have the worst attitudes? Is it in an innate sense that their work is a steaming pile of garbage, so best to go on the hysterically funny defense and offer up rabid excuses as to why the "work" is a steaming pile?

I honestly get the biggest kick out of you. I think even if someone posted a really nice and praisey review to your work, you'd find some issue with their review and go on the rabid defense of it. Because kindness or appreciation is not your thing, right? Even if readers take the time to read your steaming piles, you're going to blast them because you're just not a nice person at all.

Now you're claiming you don't post here for readers, you post here to "store" your steaming piles so you don't clutter up your hard drive. Have you ever looked into online storage like the cloud, or a jump drive, or a flash drive to store your work on? That way it can be moved off your HD and onto a private drive/cloud storage that only YOU can access and read. That way also removes the problem of those pesky readers who keep pointing out that your "work" is a steaming pile of the stuff that comes from Johnny's horses. Please do look into it.

OMG. You're a 57 year old man and you act and you write like a spoiled 14 year old girl? That's both hilarious and pathetic. It's so sad that in the 50 years of your life you never had the chance to grow the fuck up and get over yourself.

If you don't like what people say about your story then IGNORE them, don't have a temper tantrum and insult people because they don't admire your story. No one is paying you to write them and no one is being paid to read them.

People like you are poison to a wonderful TV show and are dooming it to be forgotten because of your toxic nature pushing people away.

This isn't a storage site. It is a site for fanwriters to publicly post their work for other fanwriters and readers to enjoy. It is also a site for writers to post their work in order to get feedback on it. Most appreciate that feedback as a means to improve their work.
So the answer is simple to your problem: if you don't want feedback, don't post on a site that was created just for that purpose. Store your work on a flashdrive. I believe you can even copy the site template to your HD if you prefer the site formatting (which isn't any different from basic Word formatting, FYI).
4/27 c1 NotWhinging
Just because you can't accept concrit, nor criticism of any kind, doesn't mean someone is "whinging". I'll be frank, even when you're not writing gross and problematic trash you're not a good writer. Your OC / self insert is always either extremely whiney, or whingy as you say, or an absolute unbearable smartass. I suspect that the unbearable smartass version is the truer to life self insert. For obvious reasons. And the other reviewer is right, making Johnny into a complete idiot who conveniently forgot whiny self insert's birthday was off-putting. Even in canon Johnny wasn't that stupid. The shoehorned in spiritual stuff wasn't great, either. And before you claim I'm just a dumb "canon nut" who is too stupid to possibly ever grasp the concept of AU / AR stories, I want to make it known that my issue isn't at all that it's AU. To be more frank, you're completely unhinged. Continually "whinging" in your bio and now summaries about how people are stupid for not liking your horrible stories is honestly not a good look. Quietly honestly I've seen 3 year olds more mature. Then you wonder why nobody "has the balls" to leave a signed in review. I'll spell it out for you. It's because you're crazy. Batshit insane even. Get help for your obvious mental illnesses and learn some manners. I'll be looking forward to my paragraph in your "great wall of whinging", crazy pants.
4/18 c1 4ny05016sc
You know what you lost me. I am so sick of tired of stories making John looking like an idiot women chaser and Roy the stand-up family man. Nice written but I'm done.
4/18 c1 7Royslady51
Well...we all know I'm slow and there's no guarantees on when or what, but this one woke me up several morning in a row. I hate the rabbits that not only have the gall to invade my dreams, but have me waking up in tears.

Gotta share the misery.

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