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9/23 c1 Guest
How many chapters are there in this story? I’m holding off on reading the whole thing as I will probably binge read it… So can I know how many chapters are remaining for this story to read it’s completion?
6h c25 NotSerious4Fun
You have a strange obsession with keeping evil shits alive because “family”. Bella should have died 10 chapters ago and Walburga being kept as a prisoner because she’s a mother makes no sense
9h c23 NotSerious4Fun
Wow so unpredictable. He spared Bellatrix and so he got fucked over and she killed his wife. What the fuck happened to your writing. This is beyond shit, you used to be one of the best.
9/24 c4 8Emrys Akayuki
A scythe... I mean, really? That's definitely a choice...
9/24 c2 Emrys Akayuki
'the cloaked figure' does... Does he not realise the dude that was very obviously Death, was Death?
9/23 c14 6ACI100
By far your best chapter so far. A lot of telling as opposed to showing, which is really my biggest nitpick, but the twist was EXTREMELY satisfying.
9/23 c25 29Lady Mage
Wow this is incredible and masterful! Can’t wait to read more!
9/22 c14 Speaks with Spirits
9/22 c24 2Riyu the dragon
9/21 c21 1venus4279
This is so amazing, and I meant to say a few chapters back how much I enjoyed the relationship between Bones and Ellie and Harry and Narcissa- nice banter.
9/19 c25 Ep
Merci pour la lecture
9/19 c23 Too bad
Thank you for the story, I appreciate the effort, but chapter 23 is as far as I go.
9/21 c16 venus4279
I love at Harry at Hogwarts, and even Cygnus is growing on me these days. Plus, a chance meeting with Andi and Dora- what a delight!
9/21 c15 venus4279
I loved the scene at the Gryffindor table when Harry’s assumption of the teaching position was announced. Hilarious and fun.
9/21 c14 venus4279
That was the best, seriously - yay!
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