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for Whispers of a Raven

3h c3 achoputuridze
that raven is awesome
11h c35 Marcefriasu
Wow. Just wow. At first I was just going to read the first and the last chapter but it was so good that I couldn't stop reading. Amazing work
18h c34 Admiral M
I feel pretty stupid... I just realized that in most of your stories the Blacks play a pivotal role, and I just paid attention to your name. That's pretty cool!
12/3 c35 Admiral M
This story was amazing! Just as I expected it to be. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into your work. Reading this has been the highlight of my week. Keep up the amazing writing!
12/3 c35 1Speaks with Spirits
12/3 c35 Al Rascala
Just read this from woah to go, you do bloody good work mate.
12/2 c34 Mr. Lucid Dream
how do I favorite a story twice lmao
12/2 c35 jimmy.oz
Overall great story like all the other ones. glad to have read it. Would have enjoyed seeing him tell his parents and everything the truth at some point but i can understand him wanting to keep it hidden and at least his wife found out. I do feel bad for the older narcissa though but at least she is able to live through the dreams like she does. Not sure if i will start your other story yet or wait for it to finish but looking forward to reading it as well.
12/2 c24 jimmy.oz
Wont lie if i was him i would probably take all the stuff form the potter vaults or at least the gold that was his originally. At least he is leaving that world with a lot of dead evil people. Sucks Daphne died even if she isn't important in this story. really curious what his wife is going to think about all this after it is said and done and good thing he saved her body or he would be with a fifty year old woman which isn't a problem really except would be hard for her to have more kids.
11/30 c4 Guest
Not overly subtle or inconspicuous, a raven that squawks death and now a scythe as a weapon. Way to cruise under the radar. Interesting story, thanks
12/2 c23 jimmy.oz
Wont lie i was almost crying for a bit when she died especially since i chose not to look at the last chapter like i do sometimes to see how the ending goes. At least with this she will learn the truth of it all which does make it interesting.
11/30 c1 Guest
Thank you so much for this beautiful fic. It was a pleasure to wait in full appreciation for the new chapter. Continue your work, it will make many people happy.
12/2 c16 jimmy.oz
Great chapter wont lie i honestly couldn't see Andi putting up with what they were doing but then again she did have to protect her daughter as well so that makes it some understandable.
12/1 c14 jimmy.oz
I wont lie i do wish some would find out the truth of it all at least her since she is marrying him but i can understand the thing about harry potter being gone and all.
12/1 c12 jimmy.oz
Damn wish someone would hurry up and kill him. I am really surprised that a lot of them don't have many children running around though after everything they do.
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