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for Whispers of a Raven

10/10 c28 11stevem1
Great chapter. Wonderful pacing, very evocative scenes.
10/10 c21 2A10riddick
Great chapter!
10/10 c28 Dayside
Honestly, the quality of this story would rise greatly if you just entirely removed the back tracking
10/10 c28 1Warrof
10/10 c28 marlastiano
good :)
10/10 c28 3grovepjp
10/10 c20 2A10riddick
Great chapter!
10/9 c27 4Nocte Furorem
I enjoyed the final showdown with this version of Voldemort, which can be seen as an appetizer for the REAL fight to come when Harry gets back. As other reviewers pointed out, you forgot to include the diadem when Harry ticked off Voldemort's horcruxes. You also made another mistake in this chapter. In chapter 24, Lucius mentioned that Draco "is expecting his first child in the coming months". The way I read it, Harry has been back in this timeline for no more than a week, so there's no way for Astoria to already be holding her baby in her arms unless it's really premature.
10/7 c27 Gurney H
That was excellent cant wait for more
10/9 c27 4Maruto Namikaze
That was quite nice. I liked, what I believe was Harry stabbing his hand through Tom's chest and gripping his heart. Would've loved if he ripped the heart out, but can't have everything. Overall though very good indeed
10/7 c12 Guest
Millie is a nickname for "Millicent". Amy is a nickname for "Amelia".

Every time you Amelia's brother call her "Millie", I get confused and think someone's talking to the Minister until a couple sentences in.
10/8 c27 Urgazhi
Wow, I'm impressed.
10/8 c27 alastorfenrinheil
nooooo i thought this was completed. oh well, here goes the waiting. you gotta be the best hp fic writer I've ever read. thanks for the wonderful stories.
10/7 c14 Urgazhi
Ducking finally!
10/7 c12 Urgazhi
Honestly, this while story is well written, but I find the Lucius and Narcissa bits so damn annoying I closed the tab.

I'm really hoping that it's not dragged on much longer. I'll give it another chapter or two...
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