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for Whispers of a Raven

5/22 c5 y.do.i.need.a.penname.i.read
Loving it so far
5/20 c5 Guest
Just to let you know this is a good story. Thanks Hoping for more chapters.

Stay healthy, well and safe.
5/19 c5 Guest
Not seeing where your going with this yet. I noticed a possible pairing but it’s a bit forced so far. Slow paced story so far.
5/20 c5 1Majerus
Excellent chapter, very clever getting Harry onto a different path than the hit-and-run/sniper role he'd been contemplating. It will be very interesting to see how he and Arcturus interact.
5/20 c5 anish38kumar
man please update fast.
Mc is really acting timid.
5/19 c5 wujuninja
I do not know how but when you write Harry, his such a badass character
5/17 c5 Guest
This is pretty interesting, though all that has happened in 50k words is Harry chilling in a hospital bed and getting up to kill someone. I get you're setting the story up, but still.
5/19 c2 AmWRAZ
And no it is not ur other fanfic stepping back
5/19 c1 AmWRAZ
Hmmm Im getting the bella/harry time travel fic i once read(sorry cant remember it but i do know that Harry alias in it is cringe AF)
5/17 c5 Guest
Awesome chapter! I cannot wait to read the next chapter to see what happens :).
5/18 c5 darthkratos24
I freaking know you'd cockblock the trail in this chapter you SOB! In other news this is definitely your best work yet, in my opinion at least. And I've had a shaky relationship with your works some I like others I don't but I've not enjoyed anything like I have this story... Good work keep it up
5/16 c1 Guest
I love every one of your other stories but the way harry just lets people just walk all over him ruins this story for me. Hope your next story is better. Droping this one.
5/16 c5 yoto
bon chapitre
5/16 c5 Aman
Great story
5/16 c1 Guest
Fantastic as always, always leaving me wanting more! Not sure if you read these reviews. But several people are informing you that you're Discord link isn't working! I'm unable to join also! Hope you fix that soon!
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