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10/10 c28 EP
10/12 c28 1DanDrake
So I have a question did Harry really let a child burn to death (assuming the girl named was a child) or was that just something Harry said to get into Rosier's head and play mind games? Because the paper said no survivors found not that the people inside were dead. Because Harry seems like a person who will do what needs to be done but without doing anything that would be considered something Voldemort would do.

So I can see Harry killing death eaters but burning a child to death just seems like something he wouldn't do if only to prove he isn't like Voldemort. Hopefully I'm making sinc here because I feels like I'm rambling a bit lol.
10/11 c28 HumorMe2
This creative, inventive, and intriguing chapter as well as the story as a whole is my favorite with enjoying it so. Thanks!
10/11 c28 3endereaper2013
ah I can't wait for the carnage run and hide little Tommy you fucked up big time
10/11 c28 fallendemon248
That unsettling feeling has a name Tom its fear, he's afraid and he should be I mean heres someone who isnt scared of him and can match him at his best, I cant wait for Harry and Tom to fight at their best
10/11 c28 ikusatsunagi
Thx for another great chapter
10/11 c28 Wolfric
Another fine chapter. Thanks for writing. W.
A work of art, an absolute masterpiece.
10/11 c28 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
10/11 c28 nstlov
10/11 c28 boredasf13
10/11 c28 boredasf13
OMG! awesome chapter! hot my blood pumping!
10/11 c28 myafroatemydog
I kinda wish both narcissa fused together and came back but that wouldn’t have made sense I guess. Great chapter
10/11 c28 amk41196
Thanks for the update
10/11 c28 Uday Sra
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