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for Whispers of a Raven

10/11 c22 2A10riddick
Great chapter!
10/10 c28 7Teufel1987
Nice chapter.

I wonder how they are going to explain Narcissa's still living status.

A good idea, to my mind, is to make people believe that the Killing Curse Bellatrix hit her with was not effective enough as the woman didn't truly intend her sister dead on some sub-conscious level and so, the spell she cast wasn't powerful enough to kill.

As the curse is dependant on intent, that story is plausible enough.

It certainly would make Voldemort doubt the loyalty of one of his most faithful Death Eaters...

Also, then people won't be hounding Harry to bring their dead relatives to life. I doubt he wants that kind of attention.
10/10 c28 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOG
Finally! Harry Peverell and Narcissa Peverell nee Black are reunited. I felt a bit sad for Narcissa Malfoy, but at least she got to experience the things Narcissa Peverell, if only for a short-lived moment. Lucius and Draco Malfoy will both rot in Azkaban for life, and Astoria Greengrass, with her son Scorpius, is reunited with her father, Lord Greengrass as well. Thomas Riddle Junior Prime will pay dearly for his actions against Harry Peverell. You can't flee from Death, Voldemort. Death will always have its due.
10/10 c28 woodzrox
The hypocrisy is real! Thanks for the chapter!
10/10 c28 4Maruto Namikaze
Top notch, very good indeed. Can't wait for the next chapter
10/10 c28 Vukk
Did the daughter really die? That seems a bit too far, as she was still a little kid.
10/10 c28 Isles
The death eaters are all fucked! Excited for next weeks update 8)
10/10 c28 BNGR
Amazing! please update again soon!
10/10 c28 2roon0
What an eerie and fabulous chapter. I so look forward to more.
10/10 c28 DocCBM
Nice theatrics
10/10 c28 WarChicken
That reunion.. no, I'm not crying.
10/10 c28 wanderingwitchelaine
Brilliant chapter thx
10/10 c28 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
10/10 c28 guadamontiel18
Siii es rencuentroo! Amo su pareja
10/10 c1 Dendule95
Did he give the Cara Rosier to somebody for bloodadoption ?
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