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for Whispers of a Raven

11/24 c35 Teame
Fantastic story. I truly enjoyed this. Quite a few twists that I did not see coming
11/24 c35 Svenion
fantastic. thank you.
11/24 c1 Eclipse361
Just Found Perfect Song For This Fanfic
Far From Home (The RavenSam Tinnesz
11/24 c35 1Tibokas
Absolutely a wonderful story, I enjoyed this from start to finish.
11/24 c35 Xav19
encore une excellente histoire de ta part qui se termine et pour cela je te dis merci tu es un très bon auteur et j'adore lire et relire ce que tu écris bonne continuation et encore merci
11/24 c35 1maj12137
This story is an absolute masterpiece and is possibly the best Harry Potter Fanfiction I have read ever.
11/24 c35 boredasf13
I read this chapter before but my sadness at realizing it was over prevented me from writing something here. I loved this fic! people might thing this concept of time travel, au is all over yet, this fic was like a breath of fresh air. you made it a light read along with all the action, death and heavy themes going on... there's so much good to say about this fic despite small issues that some might claim... I think your fic will rise to be the best HP fanfic of its genre.
was having a really really downtrodden few months and this fic always seemed to help me relax. A heartfelt thank you and my best wishes to the writer.
11/24 c34 2Q genna
It was worth hanging in there for 35 chapters.

I think it is difficult to deal with rape and the grandson Malfoy, but it happens in a lot of exploited communities. The mother dying in child birth might keep the tragedy delayed, but it is something the Malfoys would need to negotiate. I doubt ignoring it is something that would work but there is a whole world of adult family dysfunction to lean on through it.

I'm grateful in this other world Scorpius had a chance.

Thank you for letting us know what happened to Hermione. I guess the remaining Weasleys in the old world were besides the point.

A solid piece of writing. Enjoyable.
11/24 c35 N7SPARTAN-Commander-Jay117
Damn, great read.
11/24 c34 Aftermath Man
This was a truely marvelous story and your skill in the craft has been honed excellently. I look forward reading more from you, as always I hope you stay hale and hearty.
11/24 c35 LostDragon49
Loved that you bounced back and forth between the two worlds in the epilogue. Thanks for the story and looking forward to more from you.
11/24 c35 1Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
11/24 c35 guadamontiel18
Me encanto la historia realmente la trama es una maravilla
11/24 c35 darkdragon196
Thank you for this wonderful story! I look forward to your next work.
11/24 c35 Isles
You are without a doubt one of the best fanfic writers I've come across, I look forward to reading your awesome works! This story was epic, nice to see the happy ending for Abraxus, also cool that the earth 1 Narcissa can still have dreams of Harry's and the kids
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