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5/14 c10 athenakitty
I'm so glad that Lotus gets a chance to see Atem after such a long time. I'm curious on how much longer it would take for the Nameless Pharaoh to get his memories back and a body. Would be interesting to see if Dumbledore would go after Lotus.
5/14 c10 1Shadow Wolf 15846
5/14 c10 Ranmaleopard
As always this is just really awesome and I can't wait for more
5/14 c10 jeremiahkelley93
great chapter.
5/14 c10 Sly Riddle
Can't wait to see his face when he learns just who she's marrying
5/14 c10 ParadoxTheory374
Meh don't really need Sirius's blessing to be honest, just my opinion it's not like he raised her. Plus Sirius only thought of escaping Azkaban after seeing Pettigrew in he's animagus form.

Appreciate your work.
5/14 c10 dogman999
Keep up the good work.
5/13 c10 Vampire207343
Please update
5/13 c10 Aura the Light Dragon
I love, love, LOVE this story! It's very well written, and I'm always happy when I see a new chapter has been added! Though I do have a question. Are you going to use the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters original Japanese names? Or the English adaptation names?
5/13 c10 LaughingPrincess88
I feel like we're missing a few pieces. What happened at the manor? What exactly did she do to Tom? Who were the extras the twins brought and how did her reunion with the twins and extras go? We're missing the transition from England and Voldemort to Japan and Yugi.
5/13 c10 2Yumi Edogawa
I enjoyed the meetings with Yugi and Sirius! I'm also looking forward to seeing how the lessons go. The way she's handling the museum is interesting.

I'm glad Sirius is so accepting. Hopefully Remus is too.

It has to hurt that Atem doesn't fully remember her, but I hope they fix that soon, plus there's still Yugi that she needs to get to know. I'm very curious to see how the Final Judgement will go.
5/13 c10 AyameKitsune
Epic! I can’t wait to see what happens next!
5/13 c10 2A10riddick
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

One thing I might suggest is to say what the year is especially during the whole living through the ages aspect.
5/13 c10 APridefulSin
mwahaha! yes, let's not tell Sirius about the hand fasting because none of us could handle it right at this moment. I also really enjoyed the amount of detail I was able to see throughout the chapter and imhotep's avoidance of modern languages. if I was him I would do the same. it's not like I'd lose modern language if everyone around me was speaking it like what's happening to him. plus no one but who I want to understand what I'm saying will.

it was really well written and I enjoyed the differences that were put in for languages too, surprised I didn't notice it before. things started calming down and college and work both had to hit me with things so definitely taking the relaxation and enjoyment as I can. off to sleep, thank you for your hard work, dedication, and lifting my spirits a bit. I patiently await the next addition!
5/13 c10 Wishfull-star
Lol that was awesome I loved the chapter and I can't wait for whatever happens next stay safe:)
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