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5/22 c10 8animecutylover
Poor Sirius, lol. He doesn’t know she’s already married. XD
5/22 c8 animecutylover
Sirius is gonna be so shocked when he finds out the truth. The irony. Lol. XD
5/22 c6 animecutylover
Omg! It was her! Lmao.
Of course she would be immortal like her animagus Phoenix form. XD
5/22 c3 animecutylover
Lol. So I guess the Phoenix from the beginning was her? Was she the mentor of the Founders too that was mentioned? That would be quite amusing.
5/20 c12 Phoenix
This is a good chapter I like how things are flowing along. Thanks for the update and I hope you're doing well.
5/20 c12 lala
Super !
Merci !
5/19 c12 HateDislikeAnzu
That comment about sharing what Tsuki say't , it better not be Lotus sharing the King Atem with Anzu in a Poly relationship

Like no offense but I really hate HATE HATE Anzu and dislike DISLIKE her

it has also mostly the do with Anzu having a crush on Atem , and that is also the reason I hate and dislike her

P.S. Also you also say't that you "sakurademonalchemist" dislike Anzu very much in the "Prince of Thieves" fanfiction chapter 16 , you have write that yourself if you don't believe me
5/21 c12 2Yumi Edogawa
It was fun seeing how Lotus convinced Joey to accept the money.

I also enjoyed seeing everyone having fun at the amusement park. Yugi and Luna are a cute couple... Luckily Marik was able to handle the bomb easily once he knew about the danger, so Atem had one less thing to worry about during the Shadow Game. I'm sure the police were very confused to find out that an Egyptian 'policeman' happened to be on the ferris wheel at the time, by accident.

I also love the idea of the costume contest. I wonder if Lotus plans to dress Yugi up like Atem? Either way that should be fun.

I'm also curious to see how Joey's magical training will go. I wonder if Anzu or Hirutani(?)(Tristan) have magic too? Plus Yugi needs training, at least in Shadow Magic.
5/21 c11 Yumi Edogawa
I love Luna and the twins, I'm glad they joined Lotus. Hopefully Hermione starts to mature and see beyond her rose-colored glasses.

I also feel a bit bad for Joey being tested like that, though it's certainly understandable that she did so, especially if she knew Joey was originally one of Yugi's bullies.
5/21 c12 athenakitty
Slightly curious on when Atem would regain his memories. I'm a bit curious if Dumbledore's going to do something. Is Hermione going to reconnect with Lotus?
5/21 c12 Vampire207343
Please update
5/20 c12 Kurai Amaya
Love this chapter it's amazing. I can't wait to see how Lotus reacts to Kaiba, should prove to be interesting.
5/20 c12 1Sakihinata
I want to go to a museum like this one!
5/20 c12 9YDdraigGoch94
I really don't get why you don't use Joey's Japanese given/first name of Katsuya, if you're using Tea's (Anzu)...

Nor do I understand why you pick and mix by using Solomon's English name and not Sugoroku. It's... maddening and jarring.

Either stick to English or Japanese, because using both is just immersion breaking.

Pfft, not like this review will receive a response anyway, you'll continue to do as you see fit.
5/20 c12 Ranmaleopard
As always this is just really enjoyable. Please continue with the excellent work
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