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3h c42 luhar1997
great chapter so far

it is also significant that you are considering "black hawk down" and "Saving Private Ryan" but I am also wondering if you would consider my other suggestion as well especially the siege of jadotvile considering it is based on a true story of a detachment of Irish peacekeeper who is ordered to hold a town against an overwhelming force.
23h c42 Fomoriam191
where can I find the poll
3/18 c42 Omni God Emperor Shadic
She them Star Wars:Revenge of the Sith
3/18 c42 Black Cross0
Great chapter man.

Do you think you can do the scream movies?
3/17 c42 Cinderfall20412
Well this is just me but maybe Neo since she is mute she decided to go to Junior's and teach the parrot to talk. After much trial and error she finally did it and then she got enlisted to join the crew
3/17 c42 Pharamine
That's an interesting selection of games you got. My vote is cast, let's see how democracy spin the results.

Some mishaps:
You refer to Blake as "he" once when she and Ruby watch Adam.
You got two number 4s end notes references during text.

How exactly your one shot story(ies) will look like if it's not a secret? I mean will you be just picking some interesting scenes from a media of your choice or what?
3/17 c42 JC
Great,love how match the Characters,I hope Next movie will be 1987,s Predator with Yang as Dutch,she needs to get A Starting Roll in One Movie,Then A Gender sawped 1984 Ghostbusters or 1985 Goonies.
3/16 c42 9Yawar
wait a minute , In the trilogy end, wee see that Will and Elizabeth has a child
3/16 c42 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
3/16 c42 Last Primaris
I hope you can eventually do the hobbit trilogy or the LOTR trilogy
3/16 c42 MarioCatjr
Sucks Summer is Died Again
3/16 c42 1LucasVAMP
Amazing fic
3/16 c42 9Komod0-Sensei
I mean, Jack/Blake had a point. Will/Ruby sprung him/her from prison just to save their ladies fair, without any regard for the fact that loosing a pirate alone would make her a pirate for the rest of her life. And by running away, they made it a lot harder to actually un-curse the pirates, which was a favor for EVERYONE involved.

And s/he left a partner for dead. Pirate really is in his/ her blood.
3/16 c42 5Luffy L Deathwalker
Idea for a future film of everyone to watch...Mask of Zorro with Jaune in the Antonio Banderas role
3/16 c42 Ruby34
If this story continues I got another idea for a movie they can watch Eight Legged Freaks a giant spider movie and it's like those giant B-movies of the 1930's but set in present times and here's the cast Ruby as the kid Summer as the sheriff and mother Blake as Ashley Adam as Bret Weiss's father as the mayor Emerald as the radio guy I believe you can come up with more RWBY characters being some of the characters and oh can the others see little cute Weiss but she is being attack in the van when the spiders attack and see her in the mall in the background with the other kids.
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