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6/16 c3 Guest
So basically a very determined student of war or being a huntsman, I can live with that
6/10 c3 Dylan-A-Friend
6/3 c3 Guest
Hope this will be a longer story. Nice!
5/29 c3 2TheSlySage
this is awesome lookin forward to more!
5/27 c3 Rakkis3059
Good chapter. I love the way this is going
5/26 c3 Guest
Jaune grinned like heavenly angel: I knew it! Thanks dad!
5/26 c3 Guest
Alexander Arc: scholarship the hell!
5/26 c3 Guest
Jaune is going to have the hell but greatest training time with Mallow and the lovable Penny. Nice chapter. We need more chapters would love them to longer too ahaha, thanks for them they were marvellous!
5/26 c3 Guest
So will we be getting a chapter from Jaunes dad perspective when he finds out jaune was accepted int atlas academy on a scolarship?
5/25 c3 1Master DK
always like stories were Jaune gets actual training before the story starts
5/25 c3 Guest
Does it mean that Jaune going to be the top future Atlas soldier, under the Winter and Ironwood but his dream was going to become huntsman?
5/25 c3 Guest
Jaune moving into a strong and discipline young man. I can’t wait to see how he could affect the others in Beacon RWBY JPNR, with his healing abilities Pyrrha didn’t need to die this time?
5/25 c3 Guest
He was cool agile and shrewd. Can’t wait for him to accelerate with his trooper and extra boost with his aura up so early, medallist Jaune. Wish the chapter were longer, now the pain to wait for more.
5/25 c3 ilayhyams
"Jaune still having no chances to dodge as he worked to not get hit by the older," I think you meant having no chance to attack. Anyways I am glad to see an update, this is my fav story of yours and I can't wait for more.
5/24 c3 RedDemonEye
Nice I loke this jaune he's listening to get helpful information and using his head not only that but his also doing anything to win all is fair in love and war. I look forward to jaune becoming a badass and a amazing leader but please don't just turn him into a typical soldier that never question anything keep the jaune you have but build from and around that maybe take some inspiration from Bad Company and Star Wars Bad Batch it may give you some fun ideas anyway keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
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