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6/18 c23 Ybanormlmom
So glad to see her thankful after realizing the whole picture and seeing she wasn’t just a good laugh but brought something to his life too. Thanks for the spoiler but I’m loving every chapter.
6/17 c23 3Vulcan Rider
Reality can be a b*tch and finding out just exactly how much she really cost Rangeman had to be a shock, even though she knew in the back of her mind that it was a lot. I liked Lester and Bobby's, and Cal's comments and Lester really hit it right on the head about giving Ranger back his humanity. Maybe that was why so many military members (or Rangemen) would burn out, then go on a mission and not come back, sometimes on purpose. I wonder if and how he is getting the messages, if they are automatically saved to a server and his inbox never fills up. I can't wait until Ranger comes back and sees his vision of the Stephanie he always knew she could be, and that he will be alright and not mentally, emotionally, or physically damaged so much so that he could never be the person he was before. Although, I know Stephanie would love him completely anyway, even if he needed a 24/7 caretaker.
Maggie M.
6/16 c23 GarbanzoBeans
Lester may be a goof but he definitely knew what Stephanie was talkin about. He really explained it in a good way that also helped her feel better about herself as well. I'm sure in retrospect Stephanie knew he was right. Definitely sad thoughts that someday Ranger would only be a distant memory to her. I don't think that could ever happen.
6/16 c23 daxandpat
Just touching and a little sad. I'm so glad Steph is leaving the messages for Ranger.
6/16 c23 Sox21
I hope Ranger listens to all the messages she’s leaving him.
6/16 c23 akbk
please tell me you are going to feature his reaction listening to all of these heartfelt messages she is leaving.
6/16 c23 dizzlydee
wow what a great chapter. i'm shocked and awed.
6/16 c23 3Directorofchaos
I love that the guys helped her see that it was a good sort of entertainment. My favorite line was "I miss you. So much. Every single day. And every day a little more."
6/16 c23 Guest
She made me cry!
Knowing she brought those guys sort of back to the land of the living is a remarkable achievement.
I often felt she never said thank you often enough.
6/16 c23 JB
Steph is growing. Her messages to Ranger are amazing. Chapter 34, look forward to that day. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated. JB.
6/16 c23 2trhodes9
Thanks for giving me something to look forward to! and confirmation that the story is pretty much written and isn't going to just stop.
6/16 c23 baileygirl12
That was so touching and heartbreaking. I miss him too, so so much.
6/16 c23 Guest
Great chapter
6/16 c23 Daffybduck
Can't wait for 34!
6/16 c23 Tommy14
Steph's phone call to Ranger just touched my heart. Wonderful chapter. Thank you for the spoiler alert just to remind us to hold out hope.
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