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9/12 c1 1Praska Cropher
Really similar with black sun from winkyface, i hope you'll get more creative for later chapter. Not just copy paste and do some editing.
After all this is good and fun story, and NaruBella is pretty cute pair, keep it up
7/20 c2 Blazeb79
Fun story. I like it.
7/2 c2 fdms85
asombroso espero y esta historia si la terminen espero el siguiente capitulo con muchas ansias saludos tienes todo mi apoyo
6/8 c2 suryamgangwal63
Any news on the next update
6/5 c2 athenapallas22
Eh update thissssssss,i like it
5/25 c2 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon
4/28 c2 GunBlade2021
Hi there

Naruto is always a tease, nice touch!

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
4/27 c2 WindyCitySlayer1
Please continue
Awesome chapter
Can’t wait to see more
4/27 c2 10SelenetheNerd
Not gonna lie. I adore this. Keep up the fantastic work.
4/26 c2 Guest
Omg yeshhhhhhh awesome story please keep it up I love it
4/26 c2 Guest
Is it bad that as sweet as Naruto is with Bella I’m also hoping he gets with Alice and Jane to

Also liking this talk of Bella calling Naruto daddy haha

Oh and glad you’ve made it so Naruto isn’t a vegan vampire
4/26 c2 jalonayers593
Great chapter.
4/26 c2 GunsXSwords
I hope he meant daughter, cucking Charlie sounds interesting.
4/26 c2 3stopthinking.justwrite
Aw, the ending of this chapter is just so cute and sweet!
4/26 c2 Dr1zzy
Thx for The update
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