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for My Sweet and Tender Beast

4/20 c1 13Merriwickedly
Your writing conveyed their passionate, emotional dance. Beautiful lows, wonderful highs... Crescendo! And then, soft notes, delicate tones... Love.
This wasn't cheesy at all. It was like a decadent chocolate morsel melting in our mouths...
4/19 c1 4achaon
Dumping Webb was outstanding. I just got done watching “A Tangled Webb”, it’s too bad he survived. Thanks.
4/19 c1 Guest
Didn't find it cheezy at all. Twas perfect!
4/19 c1 21MAJ8395
You may call it cheesy, but it was delightful!
4/19 c1 Marycocke
Excellent writing and I hope you keep writing it
4/19 c1 28minimindbender
I loved it! Not cheesy at all! Awesome work!
4/19 c1 Steamboat
Sweet, but sad.
4/19 c1 Jeanninesou
It is so beautiful...Thanks.
4/19 c1 Inkysplatt1
No no don’t stop the story there. More please

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