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5/18 c1 Cipangu
Not much to say, besides that this a nice little one-shot. A funny idea well done.
5/5 c1 1Earl of Pudding
Great story...just noticed that you said he “donned” the pin then put it on again. Technically donning something is wearing it, I believe you wanted the word “doffed” which is the opposite of donned, and in fact, a real word. I just wanted to share cuz I was pretty excited when I learned that word.
4/19 c1 5Rose Tiger
HA! It takes a baby to expose Hawkmoth! Glorious!
4/19 c1 4Agiani
Hoo. boy. Little Emma was probably a little traumatized feeling all the emotions she couldn't handle at so young an age.
But... perhaps Gabriel is actually redeemed.
4/19 c1 1Stag-beetle
This is hilarious! I, however, first thought Emma was Gabriel and Natalie's kid. And I would like to know what the heck did LB and CN do after Emma tasted something miraculous.
Stay safe,

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