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for Hearts & Fists - Cause & Effect

4/26 c1 Pizza Otaku
Nice seeing good Street fighter fanfiction.
4/26 c1 TheMexicanDetective
It's nice to see this series and Chow's character expanded. I noticed you put the series in ao3 and have been rereading them. Great job as always! I can't wait for H&FIII.
4/19 c1 9alwaysdoubted
An excellent tale!

We get to know more about Chow in-depth, and there was a lot to uncover. His involvement with Bison and Guerrilla's separate endeavors was cause for concern as he was eventually captured by the latter. But an undercover agent for the BNPT? I'm sure even Chun-Li was taken back. What was even more shocking was how he was conceived. By Dorai and his mother. It's always interesting when things like this come to light. Yet, Chun-Li didn't shun him or pushed him away. She wants Chow to still be a part of their family's life, which I'm happy about. A very nice job all around on this tale, and I appreciate the shoutout again.


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