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for Unpack Your Heart Chronicles Part 2

4/19 c2 20Watership's Nightwish Rat
I had a feeling Hayate would decide to stay. I hope Lance comes around eventually. Thankfully Alex and Ari seem to understand. And Bruce's line: "I hope you're not expecting me to politely decline that offer." Either that's his way of indirectly thanking someone, or he thinks Hayate's cooking is bad and is saying he'd decline in an impolite way. Either way, it had me laughing! XD
4/19 c1 Watership's Nightwish Rat
Welcome back, Chronicles! And OH MY FREAKING GOSH THIS IS SO DANG ADORABLE! The moment I saw the synopsis, I thought, "Oh no! What shenanigans are Bruce and the babies going to get themselves into? I better prepare myself for a funny story!" Glad nothing went wrong! However, I wasn't wrong when I assumed it would be funny. Especially with Grace and Bruce's banter. XD

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