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for The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

12/5 c19 Guest
“Trailblazer, the only trail she could blaze was from the couch to the fridge and back” this is wild
12/5 c18 Guest
Poor Void but WagTheDog is just like me fr fr
12/2 c28 Efail1
This is probably my favorite of your stories that I've read. It's got an expansive world of mashed together heroes and the system is more interesting than the standard gamer ones or even the rewrites like for Necromancer. The characters are fun and the intrigue is getting interesting. I feel like I also just like Jin as a character more than Shiro or Kuno. They both lean a bit more chaotic evil than neutral despite what their alignment says. Jin is just a manipulative businessman. He's managed to gain all this power but he's not even all that strong himself. I'm pretty sure if he got into a fight with most wards he'd lose or be in a standstill unless he prepared something but he doesn't need to be physically strong to be powerful.
12/1 c23 mangouschase
I'm feeling Bob is Kuro D on disguise
11/29 c28 Ericaldrius
This is an excellent story, I have nothing but praise and a desire for more. Thanks for writing!

While reading this, I found that chapter 27 does not have a link to chapter 28 while several other chapters do.
11/28 c14 Ericaldrius
Mad props for the Bioshock reference. I just found this today (technically yesterday, I should be sleeping) and am loving it.

Thanks for writing!
11/25 c27 brandonorr38
wish it was already complete, but I like the effort that you taking your time gets
11/20 c1 Onedecentwriter
finally unique coversnot hating just saying it's nice to be able to find a story by the cover
11/17 c28 4Zyanadryn
I love that Shiro is making his own version of the Continental
11/5 c28 1Newb to the game
What if Jin passed himself off as a Case 70? It's a canon thing where identical twins who trigger while in close contact meld into the same body. Switching out who's in control.
11/4 c28 caiocesiar
Thanks for the chapter. I’d like to see how the people outside of BB see Jin, like the Elite, or the slaughterhouse nine.
10/29 c1 Deathwing
If you read this Side-man then we like you continue the crossover story A Gamer's Grand Journey Remix, and when Asmodeus and his comrades from Earthland universe Torafuzar, Lamy, Seilah, Kyoka, Tempester, Ezel and Brandish teleport to DxD universe? Maybe even Asmodeus will have later other dragon slayer magic like forest, ice and earth along with other magic and items like necromancy ( very similar to Ainz Ooal Gown and Lich King ), monster tamer skill, Frostmourne legendary sword of Lich King, blacksmith skill, mother box ( appearance from DC Extended Universe ) and skill summoning.
10/26 c28 badlander47
Great update!
10/26 c28 Timturtle
Still one of your best, thanks for the update! Tried to comment days ago but the site was screwed
10/26 c28 lord Lucifer morning star
Atta boy Don Fluffles do it again we need more another great non thirst clenching chapter keep it up
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