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for The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

9/26 c1 KaiShiro22
Yet another awesome work by an awesome writer.
Honestly, your work inspires me.
9/24 c25 Whomie
Only thing that sucks is that now I have to wait for updates
9/25 c25 Raiju001
Ooooh. Things are getting so dang interesting! Jin is so dang good at the manipulations! I am really enjoying how well your stories are written, the character interactions are great. Especially the inter-action interactions, smirk! You have me interested to see if Amy is going to fall off the edge she has been teetering on, slowly enticed to take the dive into the pit by Midas. Contessa playing as a more dastardly and sexier Carmen Sandiego really peaks my interest as well! I cannot wait for the next chapter! Thank you for this fun read!
9/25 c24 Raiju001
Oh, I am gonna be going to the bad place for enjoying this fic as much as I do. Next chapter, here I go!
9/22 c18 balckgoku1
Hi search up the book la brave I don’t see your where can I find a story
9/21 c25 5Nonyaarb
really love this fic
9/18 c6 2majored
thank you for killing that pest. now onto the more important point. did you just give limitless gold to a man whose powers "the supervillain system" are powered by money? cause if you did good on you.
9/18 c4 majored
I knew Grapist was Mineta! I Effing Hate that diaper wearing little bitch!
9/16 c25 MiaMorn
Great read
9/13 c25 Martin-di-Arcov
damn is this fic something I didn't know I needed so much! it's honestly amazing
I can't wait to see how the Amy conversation is going to turn out
and I am really wondering what's going on with All Might and AFO (if he exists here) as well as a bit more of the MHA cast
9/12 c9 Martin-di-Arcov
my favourite bits of the chapter
Whirlygig sitting in bed waiting who knows how long to be healed
Starfire being Starfire the oblivious
and Jin getting a quest update about Glory Girl beating Dean
9/12 c1 Martin-di-Arcov
honestly, this fic is remarkably similar (in setting) to another fic called "Villain of the void"
I like this mix match of settings and have high expectations for it
hope our friendly little Lex Luthor has a good run
and that he gets to chew out Lucille for her shoddy information
9/3 c1 drakiesan
Amazing work as always! Darkness us just HOT...

Now a question: What happened to Shiro's ex-girlfriend who killed him the first time in your first fic, the yandere?
8/26 c25 Division
Wonderful, It's such a shame that there is only 25 Chapters. I like a lot of your other books but I personally find this one the best.
8/26 c2 Guest
Didnt know you could ruin it even more but then you do with another gamer just delete this shit mate its garbage
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