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9/14 c1 ThatSpaceMann2
Cover image be like:


*Repeated slamming*
9/12 c18 BlueBird95
Anyone know other authors with a similar writing style?
9/11 c19 drkprince
dis dropped I guess? well time to migratr
9/11 c19 RananRainmaker
More chapters? Please?
9/11 c19 3Pluto's Watcher
When is the next update? I have been waiting for this for ages now and am losing hope.
9/9 c19 samuelgs
It would be great if midas could get spitfire
9/7 c19 Guest
Nxt chapter pleaze.
9/6 c1 Lypros Melfdan
1,5 chapter. This is how long it took for this story to go from "uncertain interest" to "hentai shit".
Seriously, masturbate on your own, don't share your wet dreams.
9/3 c19 Guestinator
Going through the reviews shows near total love, meaning it is being pruned. Lmfao, write badass raping SIs but in real life can't even take some internet criticisms on their story?
9/3 c4 Guestinator
To Shiro's Beta: No it isn't that, it is every single story he has is the MC being a raping piece of shit with zero good qualities. You don't write so many stories all with the same feature, it is like a call out for a fetish however in this case it is one with him being a genuine asshole.

A person that only writes a MC, more so SIs, like that are wishing it was them. They are role playing as that character to a degree as they are unable to act like this in reality.

It is because of that it doesn't surprise any of us if he was a racist cunt, cause he is already a wannabe rapist asshole cunt. Wouldn't be so bad if he switched things up but he never does.

Shiro Story Guidelines.

Step 1: SI or random MC.

Step 2: Powers.

Step 3: Be a asshole.

Step 4: Rape.

Step 5: Some torture along with humiliation of others.

Step 6: Rinse and repeat.
9/4 c2 8WouldYouKidnapA
This chapter was fucking cringe. Too much dick sucking of the mc.
9/2 c19 Stratre
fuck i love this story i cant wait too read more
8/26 c2 Kingyama5000
need next chaps pls tell me author has extra because of the wait
8/26 c19 BlueBird95
Yo I leave for a little bit and you drop this banger nice bro.

Also dnd stream?
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