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for The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

8h c4 TheTrueFaker
At the top of this chapter there is a note from the beta Reader but he’s not just a beta he’s a sigma Alpha male
11/21 c21 Zeran Starbreeze
Ok so having binged this in one night I can without a doubt say that this is one of my favorites from you shiro. this along side the new freedom are probably my top 2 and I'm exited for the new reboot of ng. I hope you have a nice day!
11/19 c21 SonicTundra
hey this is a fun read.
thanks for posting!
11/17 c21 Lord twigo
i hope this gets updated again cause it's great
11/16 c15 NibberWithAHardR
Could he give Eidolon an extra power slot? If the answers were yes, and there wasn't a major downside to having him upgrade their powers then it could be a game changer.

So he's gonna take away the subconscious power use making the endbringers. That'll be fucking hilarious
11/16 c6 NibberWithAHardR
Why do half of the images of Aisha make her look like Chocolate Gogo Tomago
11/13 c1 Kialand
Who is Noire and why are we getting named reactions from them before being introduced?
11/13 c1 Kialand
Why on earth would Lucille tell a rando who she is other than name? Also why would she immediately try to explain… why she’s there?

Just end the paragraph after, I am Lucille. Nobody normal would decide to overstate like that.
11/13 c21 Inritus
This has become another of one of my favorite stories so thank you for that lol.
11/13 c20 Inritus
Oh that cult leader pack is more terrifying then I first thought, replacing "would you kindly" with "good girl" is brilliant lol.
11/12 c9 Inritus
Is Starfire a alien? If so hoo boy Jin has the potential to get some truly epic tech.
11/12 c8 Inritus
The evil twin thing seems like a bad idea that's just waiting to blow up lmao. Can't wait to see what happens.
11/12 c6 Inritus
This is really good lol. It's interesting how each of your characters are different yet Sligh similar. I like it. That and the blending of Worm and MHA is good. Love the Warlord ability feeding off his persona lol.
11/12 c4 Inritus
Wait people are stupid enough to believe Shiro is ok with all of this? Then they should avoid Steven Kings work, especially since the book version of IT has the kids preform a orgy lmao, or the Bible.
11/12 c3 Inritus
That ending was hilarious enough that my drink went through my nose, and let me tell you hot chocolate burns like a bitch.
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