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5/27 c5 3This-Mickey-Seems-Iffy
Great chapter.
5/27 c5 Ghosted11
This is has the potential to be epic. Knowing Shiro this is going to be even more epic. A lot of ways to go about things and lot of characters as well.

Awesome chapter Shiro.
5/27 c5 Koncor the great
Gotta admit this character is going to be fun. so many possibilities I mean we know kuro is going to be a necromancer. and shiro is going to take the most optimal easy path he can find. but this guy is something else he's not afraid to do the dirty work yet he has the ambition to try and take it all. He's the kind of ambitious evil that I honestly think skiro, the kuro's and gray will need to constantly worry about while shiro is right in no hero would ever kneal to him kuro is a different matter while kuro is evil, he's the type of lazy evil that heroes won't bother him unless he bothers them. This character is the kind that can easily break the shiro scale on evil character's will just fall in line and putting him under his rebellious daughter oh my that's potentially bad for himself. Anyway I am enjoying this and look forward to were it goes.
5/27 c5 adam110902
great chapter
5/27 c5 Uday Sra
5/27 c5 1Rezhan Shadow
Another wonderful chapter we have here, quite entertaining to see Jin further progress and find success.

On the first scene we have Glory Girl being a bit impatient and rash, with her being a teenager and after what had just happened this is not all too surprising. At the moment things are going sour for her, her relationship with Dean, her mother’s frustrations, and her reputation taking a hit, she was even compared to Squealer of all people after just that one pic. Now, knowing who to point the finger of blame on for her misfortunes in this instance particularly, along with a few irrational and impulsive teenage hormones on her part, of course she’d confront Midas. She’s used to being strong enough to deal with most villains who get in her way and her track record, which Amy has helped her cover up and keep clean, has made it clear that keeping herself in check isn’t exactly something she is well skilled at. But even she knows that dealing with Thinkers and the scheming type like Midas who complicate things isn’t exactly her forte, though that doesn’t stop her from still being foolish and thus easy to manipulate. Jin toying with her as he plays both the parts of Midas and Prophet is quite entertaining and indicative of his skills at manipulation. On one hand his playing the enigmatic villain Midas who has a great deal of ambition and power that Glory Girl can’t easily fight against, especially with the sensitive info he got from her phone. And on the other we have the sympathetic and reliable ally Prophet who, in these difficult times for the girl, is serving as her rock somewhat, providing what aid and support to her not just in dealing with the usual baddies but also in trying to confront the big bad evil Midas who he is cleverly having to appear to be beyond him for the most part but still willing to fight. As Jin continues to use Prophet to portray such heroistic and caring traits to Vicky it will help him gain her affection not only for having her back but also having admirable traits that the naive girl approves of and tries to uphold as well, all the while using Midas to continuously put her into a corner and keep her on edge, which would then cause her to lean into Prophet more and more as the “battle” progresses. A brilliant play on Jin’s part.

On Amy there is no major development, but there is progress nonetheless and in cases like these it pays to be patient and play the long game. I can see that Jin is training her to be more obedient and compliant by first having her agree to relatively small things, after their big initial interaction when he got her to heal Sherrel after some threatening. In doing so, by constantly having her say yes and agree to what he says and asks of her, her as reluctant and aggravated as she may be right now, Jin is molding her bit by bit to obey and do what he says with the positive rewards of backing off for the most part while punishing any disobedience from her through her beloved Vicky, as he did when he leaked the pictures. If my memory serves me correctly this is the Educational Method of Brainwashing often done by teachers at school to their students, and parents at home with their kids. It is certainly a long game sort of approach which in order to break someone as strong willed and “righteous” as Panacea is necessary.

Once the sisters have been dealt with we see Jin working on getting the [Serial Killer] archetype in order to gain access to the powers it has to offer him. A great idea in my opinion for him to branch out a bit for the early as the previous chapter already explained the pros in doing so thus there is no need for me to repeat it. It’s also worth noting that the archetype does not deviate far from [Schemer] as the new one plays with the mysterious and unknown factor that comes into play with being a serial killer as being one requires more than simply being able to introduce someone to the pointy part of their knife. Looking at the likes of Jack the Ripper for example, to be a successful serial killer you need to have style and and untraceable work that brings infamy and attention without revealing who the culprit truly is. That enigmatic coat which of being a serial killer, which Jin had got after accomplishing his quest in the form of [What’s your favourite scary movie?] and [Dark Reflection], will help him largely in continuing to be a brilliant schemer, a mastermind that cannot be found out by their enemies and constantly leaves them in the dust and at a loss. To put it short, the new archetype greatly compliments his first archetype, and vice versa. Moving on to his first killing spree, I’d like to bring attention to his use of the Lotus Flower. The flower represents purity, which for what he is going with here as a motif fits greatly, but do you know what also represents or is related to purity. Gold. That’s right we’re going full circle here and no one is even realizing it. And why would they? Midas had just made himself known to be a big bad gang/mafia leader of sorts with goons so why would he turn to being a serial killer? To most people it wouldn’t make sense, afterall most people would not know about the source of his power and the prerequisites to obtaining more. So while there is a connection, to most it would too ludicrous to trace it towards him. Purity works for Midas as well, it’s just not the approach most people immediately think of and associate with. He does aim to better and remove the cancer plaguing Brockton Bay to start with afterall, starting with the Merchants, and he’s already purified Sherrel of her previous ailings.

Speaking of the girl, the scene with Sherel, no longer Squealer, is inspired, it is cunning and multi-purpose. It gave her the illusion of choice, of being allowed to choose for herself to benefit herself in the situation, but for the most part it was Jin who benefitted the most there as looking beyond the surface when he gave her the ability to pick her poison, it was a test. Option 1 is the easy and obvious choice, simply give some useful information about the Merchants, given her lack of love towards the scum who ruined her it’s not a hard choice to make. Option 2 would have her furning a bridge to ashes, while she is aware that Skidmark isn’t exactly happy with her, what with having been kidnapped, by following through with this she’d without a doubt have him out to actively kill her which would leave her out of a way to escape in the highly improbable event that he gets the upper hand over Midas. And then Option 3 is more of a slight annoyance that can be something she’ll come to likely enjoy, which she does. I think it might’ve been a test in order to see what Sherrel’s mindset is, sure Jin has some familiarity with Squealer through Worm but what about Sherrel (I’m not acquainted with the series to actually know the answer to that and even then there will inevitably be deviations from “canon” as assuming that everything will be as they were there can lead to shortsighted tunnel visions)? By basing off of her choices here, Jin can get a firmer grasp on her mindset. Again, Option 1 was the easy and thus likely choice, it’d show that she’s playing it safe but also wants to get on his good side by being helpful to his goals. Option 2 would’ve shown how much hatred she held for Skidmark and that she might desire revenge, not choosing that shows that she is smart, not driven by vengeance, and simply wants to get out of this whole mess entirely. And then the third would show her openness to such acts after the suffering that Skidmark put her through, along with a preview on what she could offer him in that department, and in selecting it once again shows that she is smart and willing to do what it takes just to get out of this mess. Once more, it was the illusion of having a choice, even if I’m overthinking this and say perhaps that Jin knew she wouldn’t take Option 2 given the risks it carried, she still thought that she had a choice in the matter when at the end of it it was irrelevant. Whatmore, I am amused to see her liking being his prisoner, Jin truly is a charismatic leader.

Now we move on to Lisa, Tattletale. Her discovery of the condition of Jin's minions is a fascinating and enlightening one. For them to be projections like the White Rabbit is a brilliant way of explaining how they come about into existence, and would allow for them to be covered by his powers as well which explains their immunity to Poison Ivy’s pheromones, simply brilliant and well played. Now if there is one thing that was made evident in their interaction here is that Lisa is desperate to be free from Coil. She made a lot of rash mistakes in the interview in hopes of appeasing Midas and getting into his good graces rather than keeping her cards close to her. One such mistake she made was immediately sharing, with no hesitation, the extent of Jin’s power to negate and cripple Thinkers without showing any inclination at the very least to use it as leverage, long term it might be somewhat favourable but overall it was a rash and shortsighted act to have wasted a valuable piece of information that she could have capitalized on to some minor extent. She really does not fair well when she can’t rely on her Thinker powers, and even then she can be quite assuming which she herself admits got her in some bad spots in the past. Still, it is nice to see that she has a good amount of ambition, with the guiding hand of Midas she’ll be golden soon enough. Speaking of, “Gold is good” and “Greed is good,” are phrases I can get behind and agree on as they usher in progress and growth, which often equates with entertainment and I am all for that. Hopefully things go well and she can successfully coerce the remaining two of her team to see reason, how unfortunate that it had to go this particular course, what a good friend she is to try and save them nonetheless, for as much as she tried to deny to herself that she cares about them, it shows that she truly does.

The last bit before the Bonus Scene has me excited. It’s amusing to see the public’s reactions to Midas and his secret serial killer persona, wonder what name he’ll go by there, and also quite interesting to see the main character of worm make an appearance and tease us with her beginnings at being a heroine, wonder how that will go for her, I can’t wait to see it.

And moving on to the Bonus Scene, it’s likely more of a vision knowing what we know but the actuality for when it does happen will certainly surpass it with ease. Amy’s mental state is already being influenced, normally without powers, by Midas, likely a result from all the stress, worrying for her dear Vicky and the negative feelings she has for Midas. I’m no dream expert but I often find myself dreaming of things that are a constant or relevant to my mind at the time.

Overall, this has been a greatly entertaining chapter, I am greatly eager to see more of what happens, and grateful for the amount of work and time you’ve put into this, especially so soon after the previous one. Do remember to take as much breaks as you need, take good care of yourself, and may fortune and inspiration smile upon you!
5/27 c5 1itsMARWIE
Lol, loving it. Sweet dreams ~.
5/26 c5 Buddles
Thank you Shiro, it's shaping up to be a great story.
5/26 c5 UnknownUserNr47
Good chapter
5/26 c5 Silber D. Wolf
5/26 c5 HectorFenyx
Gracias por el cap.
5/26 c5 Ichigo Patchip
White Rabbit was SITTING right
Thanks for the chapter
5/26 c5 OrigamiGuyII
We appreciate anything you care to write Shiro, go at your own pace.
5/26 c5 JanessaVR
LOL. Amy's subconscious is roaming freely, I see. And I'm always happy to see Vicky in some NC-17 scenarios. More of that, please? :-)
5/26 c5 RotcehM
Good work brother
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