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for The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

5/20 c3 Guest
Oh my god this is flipping awesome. I need moar!
Keep up the good work
5/19 c3 Guest
God Lord this is awesome. Yes please more of this.
5/19 c3 Guest
Can you make a glasscanon gamer?
5/19 c3 Guest
Do a flip. Do it again.
5/21 c3 Konahrik10
Oh i can tell this story is going to be awesome. XD
5/19 c3 Guest
Fucking gold dude
5/21 c3 HectorFenyx
Gracias por el cap.
5/19 c3 Do a backflip
I’m not gonna lie I broke down laughing when I read that laughed even harder her when she started doing it honestly the coil’s death was even funnier can’t wait for the next one
5/21 c2 I move weight
I can see the author is more horny than a rabbit
5/21 c1 I move weight
I take it back youre a furry and all stories written by furry are garbage
5/21 c1 I move weight
ok this story seems good better then the last ones maybe what I said was wrong, MAYBE.
5/19 c3 Guest
I haven’t read worm, but I don’t need to because this fanfic is great!
5/21 c3 Nagisa Tr
the contessa bit was hysterical
5/20 c3 Alostdonkey
I have never read worm but damn this is super interesting
5/18 c3 Silent Lurker
Yikes! Yeah, there is probably nothing worse for a high tier Thinker then their power failing them like that, especially when it has been reliable until then.
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