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9/25 c20 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
Ochako's getting some haha. And Black Canary's in trouble. Awesome that you updated
9/25 c20 DareusX
Oh, excellent. An update, I like Worm a lot so this is fine with me.
9/25 c20 sao for life
Happy to see more super villainy loved this chapter it's moving things along quite nicely
9/25 c20 Kalstorm99
Great chapter!
9/25 c20 Dayside
Super duper glad to see you back to writing this story.
9/25 c20 lazyguy90
I love the intricate web of lies that Midas/Prophet has constructed and all the plates that are currently spinning up in the air. It's tremendously entertaining stuff.

Keep up the great work.
9/25 c20 5Kammari
Good chapter. keep up the good work on all the stories
9/25 c20 Father Alexander Anderson
Jin the sugar daddy fuck yes love your story and thx for updating them so much
9/25 c20 Maxinonor
Thanks for the chapter of
9/25 c20 12Sultan Asil Arslan-Hiatus
This was a nice surprise for me. Wonder how long until one of the stronger heroines make drastic mistakes and when he’ll pull it was me card with his prophet persona.
9/25 c20 PasiveNox
great chapter and the omake noice
9/25 c20 Karlos1234ify
I love your stories
9/25 c20 smeehee
thanks for the chapter
9/25 c20 Stratre
ah so happy you updated this, i love the game he is playing with these people making them scramble to him on both sides for his help its hilarious that he can sit here and play both ends and they thank him for it like "your information was so helpful this will help us against midas" que prophet laughing also his new assistant is the bomb cant wait for the smut with her shes a baddie

was the ochaku scene part of the overall story? or just something you had some fun with real fast? i dont remember him giving her money
9/25 c20 NazgulBelserion
About FOokin time I been waiting for this goodness
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