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for The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

5/18 c3 Silent Lurker
Yikes! Yeah, there is probably nothing worse for a high tier Thinker then their power failing them like that, especially when it has been reliable until then.
5/20 c3 LandWhale172
Honestly? He’s already won. He can just have contessa’s power tell her to do stuff for him XD
5/20 c3 odnan1997
this is hilarious. I love it. hope you're having as much fun writing as I am reading.
5/20 c3 Originaly
5/20 c3 2dudepotatos
Victoria has an OnlyFans...
5/20 c3 HighF
Good chapter!
5/20 c3 dudepotatos
Jin has his priorities straight said priorities not being thots
5/20 c3 Deathangles14
This is a meme and I fucking love all of it can’t wait
5/18 c2 Guest
Author I have two questions, one is that how does mc get stronger and the second what is the update schedule.
5/20 c3 Unbenannt
He tryna be mother miranda!
5/18 c1 Guest
Oh wow this is surprisingly high quality. Im lookjng forward to more!
5/19 c3 Kurogami Yaiba
5/19 c3 OrigamiGuyII
The anti-thinker power is amazing! I think that's the most hilarious and well executed stranger power i've ever seen lol!
5/19 c3 SirLaze
5/19 c3 3Insanity's Prophet
it's great, fucking love the perspective it's being written in and your style of writing as always. keep up the good work.
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