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5/19 c3 NazgulBelserion
Ayeeeee nice
5/19 c3 Trane671
I already loved the story but the bit with Contessa was PRICELESS good job so in honor of that
Step 1: Do a backflip
step 2: Review this awesome story
5/19 c3 zarg0n
I was hoping you would write one story without including rape and degrading women but I should’ve known better from a misogynistic fuck as you.

Frankly, I don’t know why you aren’t banned since it’s clear you only have raperaperape on your brain.
5/16 c2 Nut King Call
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The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain by The Dark Wolf Shiro
Worm & My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア Xover Rated: M, English, Fantasy & Supernatural, Words: 18k, Favs: 905, Follows: 1k, Published: Apr 20 Updated: May 13
151Chapter 2: I choose you (all)
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own original characters and works, if you recognise it from somewhere else, surprise it isn't mine.

Discord Link: discord .gg/ wd3tUYWVCd

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Betad by morde24

The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

Chapter 02: I choose you (all)

Staring at my options, I stroke my chin as a plan starts to form in the back of my mind. I can see where this is going, each of these potential henchmen are in a position where recruiting them is going to be much easier but the ones I don't pick will move on and become an issue to deal with after the tutorial is over.

Loading up my pc, and thank fuck I have one of those in my office, I start to scour the internet for information on the various henchmen, starting with their names.

Obviously not by their real names, I don't know how secure this connection is, but just by their cape name.

The presence of DC characters in Brockton Bay scares me, because as bullshit as shards can be… it's fucking DC.

Thankfully, the only match for 'Superman' is a particularly egotistical hero who got killed within a week, and he just had superhuman strength, speed and stamina.

Basically the shard equivalent of Captain America from what I can tell.

The Scarecrow does bring up results, more like rumours and myths than actual confirmed intel, mad capes ranting about being given their powers by the Scarecrow, usually doing a suicide by hero within the month.

It's led to people believing he is a trump of sorts, but he's never been seen in the open and the PRT's official word is that they are 'looking into it.'

Squealer comes up with plenty, especially on the Brockton Bay threads. Basically… she's a drug-addled lunatic.

She has a habit of joyriding her creations through the city while high as a kite, usually leaving wanton destruction and casualties in her wake.

She's apparently an amazing driver, and I'm some of the VS threads, other tinkers have suggested that she might be a very high level tinker who is being held back by drugs and poor materials.

What I do know is that she's unreliable, unhinged and so full of drugs that she barely knows where she's going half the time.

She's also the very image of used goods, and while they are taken down from PHO as soon as they are posted, it takes all of five minutes to find her nudes.

Her face is always covered by either a welding mask or some other kind of mask, she doesn't really have a set 'cape uniform', but there's hundreds of pictures and dozens of videos of her out there for the public's viewing pleasure.

She really lives up to the name.

She had the potential to be a true beauty, with some of the biggest breasts I've ever seen, but right now? I think I'd rather stick my dick in the sewer water, it probably has less diseases.

A verified merchant cape named… 'The Grapist' of all things, has spent quite a long time boasting about banging her, and from his words it sounds like Squealer is used as a bribe for successful merchants by Skidmark.

From the other Merchants I can find online, some capes and some unpowered thugs, it seems like the Grapist isn't all talk as he isn't close to the only person that claims to have fucked Squealer.

It's bizarre to me to see so many capes, heroes and villains alike, just posting online, but I suppose capes are people too.

Squealer herself has a very rarely used account, currently banned for sending death threats towards Armsmaster after he trashed one of her rides, and she basically confirms that she's fucked half the gang when she replied to the Grapist and called him a midget with an even smaller dick.

In less polite words.

Squealer was tempting purely due to how… endowed she is, but she's gonna need a lot of work before I'm willing to touch her. Besides, she's also an enemy, so it'd be a rather forceful recruitment.

I'd need a place to store her until she came around, I'd need a garage for her to work in when she has been convinced to see things my way, I'd be bringing a lot of merchant heat on myself and my organisation before I am ready.


The White Rabbit is fairy interesting, a master thief who has pulled off some very impressive robberies, but she's… flighty to say the least.

She's stolen works of art, spent the night running circles around the heroes trying to stop her, only for them to find the painting ditched in an alleyway after they lose her.

She seems to steal purely to get chased.

She's a junkie as well, just a different sort. Her drug is adrenaline, and she seems completely addicted to it.

She has even been posting warnings over what she is going to try and steal on PHO lately, and it doesn't take a genius to realise she is getting bored of how easy she seems to have it.

There's videos, badly shot videos, of her outrunning Armsmaster on his bike, and dancing circles around Velocity.

She's a big black eye on the face of the Brockton Bay Protectorate, because even with her telling them what she's going to steal they haven't managed to catch her.

Recently she even gave them a time and a date of when she was going to steal a jewelled necklace, daring Armsmaster to come and catch her, and the next thing she posted was less than ten minutes after the given time.

It was a simple picture of a very smug white haired girl with big white and pink bunny ears, wearing nothing but a corset, a pink thong (with a fluffy white bunny tail) and a pink domino mask… oh, and a jewelled necklace.

It's unsurprising that she has so many fans, she's sexy and she's badass, seemingly uncatchable and that's made her very popular among the youths of Brockton Bay.

She's extremely active in PHO, but she hasn't posted anything recently. Her last post was another challenge, but the time she gave was ten minutes ago and she's been awfully quiet.

Following the pattern, she'd usually be boasting by now.

But I know something they don't, the PRT finally caught the White Rabbit before she could run off to wonderland.

Which leads to the slight issue of how the hell do I get her out of their grasp before they send her out of my reach?

And finally… Poison Ivy.

Her name doesn't bring anything up, but that doesn't stop me from subtly tracking her down through other matters.

Dr Pamela Isley is a biologist working under a Dr. Jason Woodrue at the Brockton Bay Botanical Gardens.

I found her on LinkedIn.

Which led me to the next thing that really should have been easier to hear about.

The Botanical Gardens is currently overrun with giant angry plants.

You'd think that'd be something that was covered better, but aside from the PRT putting out a warning to avoid the area around it there's no official word why.

Thankfully, the internet loves gossiping and the PRT can't hide the fact that the plants in the botanical gardens have just gotten up and started walking.

Nor can they hide that there are PRT trooper corpses littered around the gardens, Poison Ivy has wasted no time in causing utter chaos and carving out a piece of territory for herself.

Worse still, the gardens are in the middle of Empire 88 territory, so now she has both the Empire and the PRT looking her way.

She's definitely the hard mode Henchwoman, very high risk but equally high reward.

That's assuming I can even keep her under control, as Ivy has never been particularly fond of… people.

Aside from Harley, who does exist in this world. Oddly enough, she's in a team with Circus and someone called Punchline, and while I can find references to the Joker it seems he's already been birdcaged.

Which is a slight bit harder to escape from than Arkham, apparently as he hasn't moved from there in the three years since they locked him up and likely threw away the key.

No mention of what his power was, because nobody seems to actually know.

Also, no Batman as far as I can tell. That said, it didn't even say who caught the Joker, which tells me that it wasn't a Protectorate hero because the PRT would have used it for pr, since the Joker is as infamous here as he was in DC.

But I digress, I have a decision to make.

...system, are you able to answer queries?

I am, user.

Ahh, wonderful. My request is simple, I'd like to inquire whether it would be possible for you to give me some additional information on my choices, specifically their current locations and status.

...give me a moment.

Pausing for a moment, I wait patiently as I continue looking over the different capes and groups in Brockton. This place is infested with capes, and most of them are villains.

I'm going to start building files on the different threats around Brockton, information is power after all.

Request accepted. Locations and status of potential henchmen have been added to your map.

Loading my map up, I start to scheme.

Squealer is nearby, very unconscious thanks to a mixture of bad batch drugs and a crashed van, it looks like she tried out some of the drugs she was moving and had a bad reaction.

The Scarecrow, or to be more precise, Johnathan Crane, is hiding out in a cheap apartment building across the city, he's fine and currently looking for a new source of funding, my new intel lets me know he's considering approaching the Empire for their resources.

The White Rabbit is moving, currently in cuffs in the back of a nondescript police car, they don't want to draw cape attention and they know Jaina is basically useless once she's captured. She doesn't have any powers beyond the ability to summon the White Rabbit, and she can't risk that with PRT troopers in the car with her.

Even if the Rabbit escapes, eventually she'd have to dismiss the summon and Jaina herself would still be trapped. The moment she tries anything she'll get blasted with containment foam.

The car is taking a frankly baffling route, but I suspect they know something I don't. They don't want Jaina to end up in the hands of one of the gangs, she was annoying enough as a solo act.

But the system has graciously given me their planned route, and I can definitely work with that.

I just gave you the information you would have gotten if you chose them.

Poison Ivy is in the botanical gardens, as expected, and she's on the defensive after fighting off the PRT.

...if I go there, she'd kill me without even waiting long enough to listen to whatever I had to say.

So my choice is clear, I'll take all of them.

Wait, what?

Grabbing a pen, I start writing on the expensive paper my desk came with, because I'm fairly certain I can pull this off and grab at least three of the four choices, and I can start making progress with the fourth.

It takes me a moment to decide what name I want, but after a few seconds of thought I make my decision. Only one thing has every truly appealed to me, and basing my cape name on it is only logical.

Umm… is he allowed to do that? Shit, the guide didn't mention this.

Calling for two of my minions on the base wide intercom, I watch as the yellow suited men enter my office, quickly standing to attention in front of my desk.

"You, blonde one. Take this to a Dr Johnathan Crane, his address is written on the front. Also, change into something more inconspicuous before you leave the warehouse. You, take this letter to Poison Ivy, in the botanical gardens downtown." I order, making them salute.

"Yes, boss!" Blondie says, making me smile slightly. I missed having underlings, and really is there that much of a difference between being a ceo and being a supervillain?

"Umm, boss… I can see your computer, why did you put homicidal next to Poison Ivy's name?" The other minion asks as he picks up the letter. "...isn't that bad?"

"...I'm sure you'll be fine as long as you don't do anything to provoke her, don't shoot the messenger is a universal concept after all." I say calmly, making him nod firmly as he salutes.

"Understood, boss! I won't fail you."

Yeah, he's probably dead to be honest.

I mean, I didn't realise that they were quite that sentient since they just popped into existence, but I need to work out how aggressive Ivy is.

"I'm sure you'll do great." I praise him, making a small note in my todo list to find out how to replace deceased minions.

You can customise how your minions look from your pc, also what the hell are you doing?!

Should I stop this?

Oh, thank you system.

Finding the option, I change their bright yellow jumpsuits for a more subtle black, with some golden accents and a black face mask.

There's even an option to make my own 'villain' uniform, but most of the options don't suit me at all. I don't like all the extravagant outfits and I certainly don't like how skintight most of the options seem.

I eventually settle for a black suit jacket and slacks with a golden vest and tie, with a white shirt to finish it off, along with a black and gold metal face mask, similar to something out of a masquerade.

It doesn't cover enough to be honest, only covering the upper-half of my face, but that seems to be fairly common around here and I like the style. It's mostly black, but it has golden accents and embroidery around the edges.

Honestly it's all a little gaudy, but I suppose it's all par for the course, villainy and gaudy outfits seem to go hand in hand. Besides, I look far more reasonable than most capes, I even have my underwear on the right side.

Wait, why is that stuff all free? Oh shit, you weren't supposed to know about that until after the tutorial.

...I'm so getting into trouble for this.

System, are you doing okay?


Jumping slightly as a small flash fills the room, I pause as a young woman teleports into my lair, giving me a dirty look.

"It's the fucking tutorial, why are you already trying to meta game during the fucking tutorial, dude?!" she growls, making me blink as I look her over.

She's… not exactly modestly dressed, wearing nothing but a tiny white tank top that doesn't even cover her midriff along with a very short pair of black jean shorts as she glares down at me with almost glowing purple eyes, long black hair tied up in a ponytail she's also quite clearly not wearing a bra, and I can see the outline of her nipple piercing as she stared back at me.

"I take it you are from the guild? Have I broken a rule, I'm afraid Lucille was rather sparse on the details." I reply, making her groan.

"That's because Lucille is a lazy slut, and everyone else is left picking up the pieces after she fucks up again. But yeah, dude, I'm from the Guild, I'm the administrator for your system, literally my first day on the job as an admin and I have to deal with a metagamer." she whines, making me stare at her blankly.

"Anyway, I'm Neith, might as well get it out of the way since we're gonna be dealing with each other for a few years at least… unless you die, which would be bad since if you die too early it means I fucked up as the admin." Neith admits.

"Well then, Neith… I look forward to working with you?" I half state and half ask, I'm still not quite sure about the proper etiquette with the guild members, but I have no reason to be impolite to the person running my system. "I was under the impression that Lucille was assigned to handle my case?"

"Please, Lucille is a glorified secretary. The big bosses don't trust her with any actual power since she tried to blackmail my dad into fighting her dad, and then killed him when dad told her to go fuck herself. Of course, dying doesn't really mean much for Gamers, but the point still stands. She's been 'grounded' for literal millenia because of it, so she isn't allowed to actually run a system." Neith explains as she sighs, moving around my desk and hopping up onto it, sitting on the edge in front of me. "And no, you haven't technically broken any rules, but I fucked up. Like I said, I'm new to this shit. You weren't supposed to go for all the options, and I need to make sure I'm not gonna get into trouble because of it. My mum makes this system shit look way easier than it is, but she's been running my dad's system for thousands of years." Neith admits, making me pause as she pulls out a phone, making a call.

After a moment she hops off the desk and starts to pace.

I realise I should focus on the potential trouble I'm in, but god damn does this girl have an amazing ass, her breasts are rather average in size, not that it detracts from her beauty, but her ass is fucking massive.

"Dad? Yeah, I wanted to ask you about the Supervillain system. So, if the user managed to get all four of the potential henchmen in the tutorial, would that fuck things up?" Neith asks as she paces around the room, frowning slightly. "...the fuck do you mean you don't know? You made the thing- okay, tell mom to stop sucking your dick and pass her the phone."

...her father seems like an interesting man.

"So it won't break anyth- ugh, please tell dad to wait two minutes before you two start fucking again, this is serious." Neith groans as she walks close enough to me for me to hear the other end of the call.

"You know how he get- Mhmm, how your dad gets… oh fuck, faster~ but it should be fine honey, me and the other Isis spent a long time patching out the bugs from the system before we released it. If anythi- Mhmm~ if anything, it means you probably got a pretty good user, it's the ambitious ones that go the furthest you know?" a sweet female voice says over the line, with the sounds of flesh slapping together being picked up by the phone as she moans.

"So I won't get into trouble just because he decided to start metagaming before he even got out of the tutorial?" Neith asks, barely phased by her parents having sex on the other end of the phone.

"No, honey, it's fine. Besides, his success is your success, system administrators and users should both want the other to succeed, it makes the relationship so much more enjoyable~" her mother says, moaning lewdly as Neith rolls her eyes.

"Okay, thanks mom. Love you… love you too dad, even if you are completely unhelpful." Neith grumbles, a male chuckle coming over the line.

Ending the call, she sighs as she leans against the desk, rolling her eyes.

"Your parents seem… interesting, I take it that was one of the Lord Kuro's that Lucille mentioned?" I ask, making her mod.

"Lord Kuro Tepes, the second gamer to actually survive long enough to matter, and my dad. My mother is called Isis, she used to be an incorporeal omnipotent being, but she was horny for dad since basically day one and she made herself a body so she could ride his mythical dick. That's dad for you, just because the girl doesn't have a body doesn't mean he can't knock them up. There's a reason I have an endless number of sisters, and most of them are fucking him too." Neith admits with a shrug. "It's good to be the immortal ruler of an entire Multiverse I guess, you get what you want and what dad wants is pussy."

"Impressive, and here I am trying to take over a single city." I say, making her laugh.

"Ehh, don't worry about it dude, all gamers have to start somewhere." Neith says, pushing my shoulder playfully. "But mom is right, I kinda need you to succeed because me and Lucille both get rated on how well our gamer does, can't believe I have to share a user with that bitch." she says as she sits on the edge of my desk.

"So, back on subject… I can continue with my plans to recruit the henchmen?" I ask, making her pause as she checks her phone.

"Well, dad just texted me and his exact words were 'do what you want, you're the admin', typical dad passing responsibility to other people, so yeah, I guess so." Neith admits. "I just wanted to make sure I wasn't giving that ice slut a reason to look down on me."

"I see, my thanks." I say calmly, making her shrug.

5/18 c3 Buddles
This may be your best story so far shiro
5/18 c3 Gabriel The Fallen Archangel
still a good work!
5/18 c3 Gabriel The Fallen Archangel
...I never watched/,read Worm, but is seriously this world so illogical? Basically to me that world to me seems like it was created by person or people when they were on drugs. Something like Konosuba.
5/18 c3 xKaizer
5/18 c3 2CyberDragonEX
Damn. I have to say, Jin is really proving his chops as an "Evil Genius". I loved your Coil and Contessa scenes, and I'm sad that the only Simurgh bit was a single PHO comment... assuming she IS Winged_One and that its not just a red herring playing on the cliche.

On a separate note, I'd like to remake my offer of suggestions. Feel free to ignore me or say no, but if you ARE interested, my suggestions include:

-A way to upgrade Jin
-Two suggestions for Henchmen (Canon)
-Two suggestions for Henchmen (Crossover)
5/18 c3 1swilliamsxn
Your writing has gotten so much better since your first story.
5/18 c3 GodSlayer178
Gracias por esta gran obra, eres el mejor!
5/18 c2 Sjwanous
Gotta say that even though I've never particularly like worm fics. I love the potential yours has. Hope you keep up the great work
5/18 c3 oneoddtodd
lmao so that's what happens to thinkers who rely on their powers too much...
5/18 c3 Anbu69
Eventually he is going to need a secretary and I wanted to make a suggestion on what you could potentially do, I thought Gazelle from Kingsman would make an excellent selection.
5/18 c3 EternlDusk
That contessa bit was real good. I absolutely love this story.
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