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9/25 c20 dragoonlover
love your stories
9/25 c20 2Daemon Sadow
Go Midas! Great to see more here, and I'm very interested in seeing where the brainwashing bit goes.
9/25 c20 Bittersteel626
9/25 c20 Maben00
a really great chapter! i love it and i can't wait to read what might happen next when you have the time :-)
9/25 c20 Guest
The Ochako POV is so... humans. Like I can understand her. It's strange.
9/25 c20 Silent Lurker
Thank you for the update.
This story and SA are my favorites of yours at the moment. I think this because you have done some good world building with them and a better power growth curve. (I personally dislike the tendency of Gamer stories to accummulate lots of out-of-universe companions via the system and the hopping between worlds of unrelated settings, either to power up or acquire companions without completing the 'story line' of the first reality).
I like the characters you have established so far. Barbara being smart enough to not just blindly trust another thinker just because he claims to be a hero but having to rely on him nevertheless is a nice touch as far to often stories have the opponent thinker types either holding an idiot ball or being hyper competent.
It also shouldn't be forgotten that all powers (aside Mc's) are still parahuman/shard-based, therefore Dinah going off after getting stir crazy fits with the conflict drive inherent to parahuman as most are wired for action and conflict.
My hero academia fits surprisingly well with the worm setting aside from tone. (if I remember correctly the first quirk manifested as a gold baby, and the world could be looked at as a functioning shard cycle at the latter half / near its end point most of the population is parahuman, with a genre shift away from shounen it could easily become as dark as worm, the cycle being set up by a single entity with a different modus operandi than the warrior/thinker pair)
Quirks being how 2nd gen parahumans manifest or as an additional vector makes sense.

While there have been some minor confrontations and face off with single powerful capes (I'm not counting the merchants as 'serious' oppposition), Jin has not faced a truly dedicated and competent enemy (group), either villain or hero, yet, it feels like all is still in the build up phase, so I wonder who the first credible threat to Jin will be. (WW while strong, never stood a chance to disable Jin's whole operation)

Sorry for the ramblig, it's been sometie since I commented here and am basically writing as I'm thinking.
Still, thank for the work.
9/25 c20 Brocole07
Good chapter keep up the good work
9/25 c20 Reznoxcrfs
I'm the only one thinking that Midas got a insider in new UA, and he Will fxck nearly all the female teacher and students (yaoyozoru can make nearly anything with her quirk at the cost of time and food) and that nearly all the boys we're traumatizado before Midas start any plan?
9/25 c20 RotcehM
Good work brother
9/25 c20 peterson01rodrigues
Thanks, been looking forward to the "supervillain" chapter for a long time.
9/25 c20 1bigbrownpanda
yaay it's back! also midas is playing a really dangerous game with all his plots and the twin bs hope he doesn't get burned and regret it
9/25 c20 PrimaEstus
I was confused of the title of the chapter, till I realized it was BC and not Canary it was referring. I mean, sure Dinah is a singer, and uses her voice as her power. But I associate her more on her power than her singing.
So I was expecting this as Paige's introduction and the abuse of her power through CD's by unknown villains has happened much earlier, causing a large scale of mastered civilians. It would be devastating, if she had only heard of this during her court, orchestrated by pretty much everyone in the court. With this, her accidental mastered of her boyfriend, and being around one of the most infamous villains in the crossover, she would develop some form of self-hatred and a bit of insanity if she encountered Joker there.

Speaking of Joker, it would be very funny if Joker in the bird cage became John Doe. Chances are Batgirl is the worm's version of batman, and since Joker is heavily tied to batman/batgirl. If he didn't know batgirl was Barbara, suddenly losing your nemesis and purpose, in all forms of media, Joker would either stop functioning or be sane or start being normal but the insanity is still in there.
9/25 c20 10Tismen
It may be shorter, but it was still long enough to satisfy, which I'm grateful for.
I'm quite happy that you updated it, as the Vampire one is not to my taste, so I'll keep waiting for this one and the others.
9/25 c20 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
9/25 c20 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
Ochako's getting some haha. And Black Canary's in trouble. Awesome that you updated
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