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4/19 c1 Guest
God damn! I love you stories. Thanks for another one.
4/21 c1 Ciarle
Interesting premise, i like it. Looking forward to where ever you take this.
4/21 c1 CastaCow
I'm scared of all the things you could put in this story. I'm happy that you're still chock-full of inspiration, but I'm still scared of the ideas in your head.
4/21 c1 thewolfgod22
Ill go for poison ivy, shell be the most versatile as a spy/interrogator along with some drug production if youre going that route.
4/21 c1 Acetroyz
loved the little nods to other stories, and the idea seems wonderful to me, probably another masterpiece
4/21 c1 1Re-ghal
Nice, Helen Parr is indeed thicc.
4/21 c1 Lordvonseife05
interesting very interesting
4/21 c1 TheSEXNumber
Oh god this is a complete clusterfuck of a story, but i believe in your ability to make it understandable and entertaining.
4/21 c1 22jenes-db
4/21 c1 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
PAMELA! POISON IVY FOR THE WIN! Also, could you update some of the other fics? Maybe the Kuro Dantalion one perhaps or the Tepes Marvel one?
4/21 c1 Dark.Lord0
4/20 c1 masteroftech02
Looking forward to what comes out of this...

Also love the training for the Incredibles being included.
4/20 c1 1dammm
I 100% agree
4/20 c1 HighF
Looking good! Keep up the good work.
4/20 c1 XenoLucifer
Hm, I like Gotham, I kind of like Worm and I do enjoy MHA, but... a mix of them? doesn't really mesh does it? they're vastly different in what makes them good and trying to fit the good parts together in one world will be contradictory. Idk.
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