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for The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

4/19 c1 Siegfrized
Nice.. worm,, when you didit update much here i was busy reading worm fic in qq,, now i have my fav author writing worm
4/19 c1 Koncor the great
You never know you need something till you have it. So yeah, I dig it.
4/19 c1 1I-Eat-Babies423
Shit. I know absolutely nothing about Worm but seems good so far man looking forward to what comes next.
4/19 c1 sid99
hmm.. on one hand a new story will make updating the other two slower...on the other hand, I am loving this so far. A well written super villain story by you? I cant wait to see what happens next.
4/19 c1 17El Sentir Del Grillo
I hope, with all my heart, that you finally fulfill my fantasy of corrupting Momo. I feel like you are the one chosen for that task XD
4/19 c1 PasiveNox
hohohohohoho yeah great wonderful start
4/19 c1 rarrarshark
Nice! A new story!
4/19 c1 CatFruit
4/19 c1 omega9028
...Oh justice for the first Kuro at last, you don't feel so powerful being an interviewer now, huh ... Lucille

I admit Evil Genius 2 is a Vice and it makes you want to be a villain with a secret base
4/19 c1 Ficeater96
So just gotham, so thqt doesent include other members of the DC universe like the Justice Leagie DC since you didnt mention them right?

Also kinda anoyed since updates for the other stories are gona slow down even more now. But better a new unrelated story, than you gutting an old one like what you did with Necromancy and Conquest (still anoyed that Kuro didnt fuck Black Cat.).

I dont know anything about Worm, i hope you somehow put information into the story so that those of us who have no clue of whats happening can follow along. What the hell is the Endbringer or the Simurg. Or at least a link to a site i can get info so i can follow the story?
4/19 c1 RotcehM
Good work, I LOVE Villan Work fanfict
4/19 c1 amantedosantigos
Devil's Tongue system.

I will like to see this.
4/19 c1 zedacus1999
This chapter is great, showing us where Shiro, Kuro, Kuro, and Gray all are, and Lucille working under Kuro is a great idea. Then the shock when it turns out to be worm instead of mha, I love it.
4/19 c1 firestarter1188
Ya total shit show here. why the fuck would you start something new when you cannot even get your other works straight. Just another sink hole for time
4/19 c1 HectorFenyx
Una nueva historia tuya siempre es bienvenida, se ve bastante interesante y espere que eliga a Pamela ya que le falta músculo.
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