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for The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

9/29 c21 Guest
love it
9/29 c21 Guest
Information and planning is good but he needs to get more raw power before he gets in a fight he can’t win
9/30 c8 3d8rkforcen1ght7
... Piggot's PHO username is perfect. is the name and it fits
9/30 c20 Mystery889
I’ve been waiting for raven
9/30 c11 6Waki Paki
I'd like to see Midas either building his own city or rebranding Brockton Bay as "El Dorado" once he owns the place. It would be very funny and exactly the egotistical thing to do.
9/30 c21 Thallys94
Nice! Good workshop.
9/30 c21 juni.clon.ado
Thanks for the chapter.
9/30 c20 2Victorules
Not sure I'd ever stick it in a sound canon but that's why we read fanfiction, isn't it?
9/30 c21 Guppy72
Will new wave crash and burn or tuff through the storm
Oh we all know the answer to that
9/30 c21 GreenRena
Smut with story.
But good smut with a great story!
From reading this I recognize Evil Genius, and Someting Unlimited as inspirations.
Beside the Worm and DC framework of course.
Keep up the good work fellow man of culture!
9/29 c21 Eragon135790
liked the chapter, when mc fucked/interviewed Dinah(it was Dinah right?) i thought the scene a bit long but well, overall a great chapter.
9/29 c21 JKingSniper
It's gamer fanfic yet people like leprosy melfdan comments. Really annoying seeing them
9/29 c21 JKingSniper
Damn that's good
9/29 c21 tyrone.rickard
god yes if it's one thing cyberpunk got right it was the tech using that in a way that's just cool is a nice thing to add to the story
9/29 c21 Dayside
Great C. Can't wait for more.
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