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for The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

10/6 c10 poreytor
you know I was reading and the remember one episode (well more a part cuz I saw it in tiktok) i don't how extended is the DC universe? in this amalgamation but I if it goes long enough I would like to know what would change with Midas
10/6 c9 poreytor
I just read orange skin green eyes and knew it was Starfire o my god you are a professional men
10/3 c1 Adept
Rereading this has definitely made me realize why Jin is my second favorite character you've made. Of course Lord Kuro is still the best tho js.
10/4 c4 poreytor
i fucking knew it it was Mineta I was asking me why would be a hero if he can be a merchant? boom theres my answer I love this story
10/4 c1 2namikazehirashin255
… *sigh* Would there actually be a character that won't be a Fucking Glass Cannon in your fics?. I mean shiro 2.0 is a fighter and yet look what happened to him? Sitting in a office so he don't get one shotted by every other character in existence.

What's wrong with a unstoppable Juggernaut brute onec in a while?
10/3 c21 Wolfeborn
I absolutely can’t wait for more
10/3 c10 Wolfeborn
I find all the PHO sections hilarious lol
10/2 c6 Wolfeborn
Holy hell I absolutely love this story so far and am actually thinking of reading worm since I never knew what it was about until I looked up a summary after checking this story out!
10/1 c21 Yeet
I have an idea, could he ask contessa to give him a path to allow him to use his power boosting power on himself with less of a cooldown.
10/2 c2 Wolfeborn
Is it bad that I had a laughing fit over the system freaking out about him wanting all the henchmen? Lol
10/2 c21 thisyourbush
Ohhhhh snap hahaha cuck Neil. That bastard
10/2 c21 Zabaniya
I'm kinda sad that this isn't much of a My Hero Crossover and I don't really know Worm. Read much until the latest chapter and really tried to enjoy it but never really caught my interest compared to your other stories. Even The Guild of Gamer: The Vampire hasn't really been interesting to me.

As of your other stories, the only ones that I am really interested in is Freedom and Sorcerer.
9/29 c21 Guest
9/29 c21 Guest
love it
9/29 c21 Guest
Information and planning is good but he needs to get more raw power before he gets in a fight he can’t win
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