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for The Guild of Gamers: The Supervillain

6/1/2021 c6 xXwolfsterXx644
Can't wait for the next update
6/1/2021 c6 Dbot15112002
You can keep writing this one you will not find me complaining about not updating the other stories. I am enjoying this way too much.

This fic is a lot more different than what you normally write and I am loving every second of it.
6/1/2021 c6 Travis99
please continue updating this story. It is a fun read and I love how Midas 's quests and classes paint him in that royal image he is projecting.
6/1/2021 c6 KingsAbyss
Well written, I like the classy act and character perspective. I'm glad you kept at this one. Best of luck and don't burn yourself out.
6/1/2021 c6 woodzrox
Huzzah! Keep the ball rolling, thanks for the chapter!
6/1/2021 c6 2Daemon Sadow
sweet more worm mayhem, keep that urge going!
6/1/2021 c6 Anbu69
You aren’t going to see me complaining about a update story. Also good job on this chapter!
6/1/2021 c6 gerran214
awesome! Thank you for keeping us mindless masses entertained. I think this might be my favorite of everything you've wrote. So plz keep it up.
6/1/2021 c6 Silber D. Wolf
awesome chapter
6/1/2021 c6 EyeofSoren
pretty fantastic if you want to keep writing
6/1/2021 c6 sid99
as always I love your stories. This has become my second favorite after the Kuro stories. there are many Worm fics and some are good but many fall short... you blasted passed good and are currently making this a well thought out story. King Midas is not supposed to be nice. He is a Villian who knows what he wants, plans it out and basically living up to hype. Please keep up the good work while also taking care of yourself. don't want you to burn out and hate creating such Evil stories.
6/1/2021 c6 JKingSniper
Whoo these updates coming in hot
6/1/2021 c6 Cowie2
Great chapter.
6/1/2021 c6 Maxinonor
Thanks for the chapter
6/1/2021 c6 2Genesis Mar
I’m loving this whole Midas theme going on. It’s a nice change up from the usual.
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