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6/10 c5 Guest
Yep Durandal being best girl is non-negotiable
6/10 c5 Guest
Please put indicators when changing POV it can be quite confusing, other than that its a great fic.
Looking forward for more
6/6 c1 Sierratuere
you've done something interesting and commendable here.

decent writing makes the story readable. keep up the quality of grammar and conventions

characters are hella interesting. conversation flows well. descriptions of emotions and reactions are natural, not overbearing, or annoyying as hell like saying 'he gasped loudly' every time something is mildly shocking (totally not dissing half of all ff writers)

plot isn't some roflstomp god kun oc going around teaching people the power of friendship or some shit but you're making an actual investment in their lives.

somehow you've written a pretty compelling and interesting slice of life in the goddamn honkai universe. this sorta reminds me of another plot like that in toaru no
railgun, where the first 5 episodes are slice of life before shit kicks into high gear with conspiracies and human experimentarion lol.

keep it up bro
good shit.
6/6 c3 Sierratuere
hey this is a pretty cool OC

You've got some plot and character depth keep it up
6/5 c6 karmax992
Amazing chap keep up the work mate would love to see more of this story.
6/3 c6 Stratos263
Good luck Haruto
6/1 c6 questorimperialis102296
Just to be clear, the Nagazora eruption will still happen right? hope it differs from the canon.
5/31 c6 1crysis11
Good chapter. I liked the idea of you doing a chapter about MC exploring the city, I'm looking forward to more chapters like this where we see MC discovering something new while exploring the city.
5/31 c6 ArcherShirou
The Bronya appears.
Seele: he is too dangerous I must kill him to protect Bronya from him!
"Seele": You are starting to scare me Seele
We must enjoy the calm before the literal storm that will happen soon.
5/31 c6 13Planeshunter
You're right that no much happens in this chapter, but setup chapters are like that and we still get some interesting insights.

I'm a bit surprised Tonya doesn't go by her traditional nickname, Alloy_Bron, but it's years before canon so maybe she hasn't taken it yet?
5/30 c6 8King of Plot Bunnies
From the description, Project Prometheus has to be Adam.
5/30 c6 2nephilim20
If i had to guess by only the hair and eyes, and the fact that you used lordchaldeas as haruto player name, then the boy is fujimaru ritsuka, i cant think of other character
5/30 c6 Shadic21
Good chapter, I want to see the next part.
5/30 c6 Kamen Rider Evol
I wonder if Bronya really added the Mc just because she’s bored? Could it be that Cocolia has caught on to what manner of anomaly he is? Either way, great chapter!
5/30 c6 Rodvek97
thanks for the great chapter
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