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9/9 c1 NS-Knight
It's okay, there is nothing much to say about the story since it is only chapter one. The only problem I for me personally is with the -san and -kun added to the end of the name i know that in East Asia like Korea, Japan, and China(maybe I'm not certain but i think they do, since Japanese derive from the Chinese, if I recall correctly it was the noble women in the past who change Chinese to Japanese) the problem is in English you don't really do that, it feels off every time I read an English novel with something added to the name, it annoys me a lot. The other problem is the pacing it is fast, from growing up to the new school a lot of time can pass, and he just notices it now that he is in a video seems dumb for example, if I'm correct, Honkai impact is made in future earth setting with better technology he should have access to more information and somehow failed to notice while growing since his daily was never explained like what if he searched himself up after he died if i were in his situation I would scour through the internet once I have the chance to see about myself and the political situation, the state of the world, technology and heck even video game what if he searched up for honkai impact to play the game and finished it after the new story was released, i sure would see if all of my favorite game are still around and what's new. There is also him searching up honkai impact online and the next thing that happens is him being on the FBI list of criminals and for him not notice, without giving a reason not to notice, failing to notice the megacorporation in Japan.
9/3 c51 Shin cloud
amazing chapter
9/2 c50 9Man285
Very interesting story. I read the whole thing jn two days and enjoyed every second of it. I hope you won't abandon it like other writers and keep on updating
8/27 c16 Fan 12
Author in chapter 16 in the final notes you mention Apollo and Hyperion, I advise you to change it so that people do not get confused
8/26 c52 Nearsighted
Seems like Haruto will have another younger sibling that is Adam. Heh, love to see Haruto being a big brother to Adam like the way he is with Sora.
8/25 c52 Stand Up Be Strong
With all these threats coming, especially the last one being quite troubling. Haruto needs to be stronger, heck he really needs to access that power he unconsciously first used at the docks of Nagazora, where he had the sword of Excalibur and the armor of Proto Saber. Cause that is something he needs to unlock if he were to become strong to face the powerful enemies he would face.
8/25 c52 Guest
Haruto better start getting strong because I sense great conflict especially with herrsher of the void coming...hopefully much like herrsher of thunder haruto must be present to null her.

Since Excalibur is his weapon I remember an old oath of the king Arthur and the round table...I reminds me of a noble phantasm speech.

Inside the table's circle,
Under the sacred sword.
A knight must vow to follow
The code that is unending,
Unending as the table-
A ring by honor bound.
A knight is sworn to valor.
His heart knows only virtue.
His blade defends the helpless.
His might upholds the weak.
His word speaks only truth.
His wrath undoes the wicked!
The right can never die,
If one man still recalls.
The words are not forgotten,
If one voice speaks them clear.
The Code forever shines,
If one heart holds it bright.
8/25 c52 Godo
I really hope Haruto gets more involved with something like a life and death situation. Something that needs to push him to do more. I mean it's good that how he contemplates about the things that happens so far, such as him learning about World Serpent trying to replicate the golden stigma as seen with Adam, as well as Anti-Entropy and Schicksal having interest in it too seeing as none of them can make heads or tails about it.

Haruto could do some things on his own to learn more about his Stigma and think about his connection with the Aeon of Hope who is considered a big brother to Other Haruto. While it is good that he has awareness of how bad the situation is in this chapter, I feel like he needs to feel it out more to fully understand and be reminded about the horrible experience he went through when Kiana was kidnapped and what he would do to fulfill the promise that Mei tearfully asked him to never risk his life the way he did for her and Kiana.
8/24 c52 Shiroyasha Rises
I look forward to seeing the development for Haruto and the possible fights he would have. Gotta see how much he has learnt and how far he has come.
8/24 c21 2Phantom System
Bro you need to remove the Author Notes at the end of the chapter. Not only are they outdated but it'll confuse some of the new readers. Fox example in this chapter it mentions Death and implies that Death is the Entity that confronted Fu Hua when that was from the Old Chapter. So I thinks it's best to remove or modify them or something.
8/24 c5 Guest
8/24 c4 Guest
Well isn't that nice
8/24 c52 Hatred and Love
The chapter may seem like not much is happening, but it is a setup for what would come next. It's good that Haruto contemplates with what is happening so far. What with World Serpent having interest in him to the point that they would try to replicate the Stigma he has as seen with Adam. Not just them though as Schicksal and Anti-Entropy are also interested. And it makes sense considering Haruto's Stigma is special and not really like how Stigmas usually are.

Sora becoming friends with Adam is good as the poor boy desperately needs it after being treated horribly with World Serpent. Looking forward to seeing Haruto being a big brother to the boy.

Bronya meeting Misteln this early? ...Be nice for Bronya to know about her birth mother, feels like there could have been more done with that in Canon.

Kiana and Ai encountering an Aeon? That should be a lot of attention. I mean the fact that Haruto was chosen by the Aeon of Hope is a big deal, but I am curious for another Aeon to appear, does that mean they know about Excalibur and how he has been subtly setting Haruto on his path? Not just that but also Dr MEI encounter with Excalibur as well in the time of Previous Era?
8/24 c52 HI
I don't really think introducing an Aeon of all things to HI3 is going to work properly I'll wait until the next chapter before deciding.
8/24 c52 1neogoki
Jester wouldn't be a new Clown Alpha?
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