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6/27 c1 Guest
A reviewer named Yagami Kuzuki. Shut the fuck up you liar.
6/26 c29 indoguy372
damn that was good loved this chapter. i wonder if haruto is gonna survive this to the end cause knowing honkai gay lesbian game there is no mercy for straight people they die brutally ships like these arent gonna end well.
6/26 c39 Guest
I need to see Haruto getting his ass kicked plz
6/28 c34 9sd74
Color scheme of the suit not vermillion red or is that till later?
6/28 c2 asteric
That moment when you realized that the date this was created was a funny number... 4/20...
6/27 c29 sd74
Would it be weird if Haruto saved that version of Mei as he temporarily passes to her world? Like a filler-esque episode, the most prominent being, MegasXLR & KND.
6/25 c10 Guest
It is he that they fear not man and his armies they fear the mark of the beast (at doom gate playing in background)
6/27 c17 sd74
I would be surprised if he did/didn't know of it from his past life. (Only saying that I'm not much into it myself to know what Haruto knows.)
6/27 c39 1Ten rings of goetia
i just realize if you think about Technically Kuro is Fou and Haruto would be Merlin
6/26 c39 fargogamer98
We are still waiting for the new chapter!
6/25 c39 YoRuui
Lets go Durandal x Haruto!
6/24 c6 The Loud Person
Hacked email... right. so why the hell is there still dumb insults. Freaking waste of space.
6/24 c35 surge911
Let’s go pacific rim
6/24 c22 spacekeeper132
I am feeling a hell of a fate vibe from this even more so from the bubble of red sand God that has some unlimited blade works vibe
6/24 c39 4InfiniteStarz
Happy to see Durandal and Haruto meet this chapter. Hoping to see Durandal POV of what she thinks of this Haruto. Does she still see them as the same person despite the differences in personality? Does she react similar to Haruto's stigmata? If she does see differences, can she love both Harutos for who they are if they ever merge with each other.
I was fine with how Durandal acted this chapter. This shows that the experiences that Durandal had in this universe is different from what she experienced in canon universe thanks to Haruto. Heck I wouldn't be surprised if she had gone to a different bubble universe than the canon one because the Imaginary Tree/Hoyoverse is big. It will interesting to see some different human emotions that Durandal never showed in the game. Both as an adult and as a child who was traveling with Haruto.
It will interesting for the main cast to ask Durandal's age. Probably nobody would believe that Durandal might be younger than Haruto or something but it might fun to joke about that once in awhile.
I also enjoyed seeing Durandal fighting this chapter. Hoping to see how Durandal and Haruto work together as a team. I hope if Durandal next chapter can describe how strong Haruto is compared to the Haruto in the bubble universe. One thing that I hope you do next time is for Durandal is to stab with her lance a Honkai beast or machine and then kick the lance like in the game or have her punch the lance like how Sigurd from Fate Grand Order punches his sword and daggers.
One tiny detail that bothers me is the idea of calling the Honkai beast Parvati an elephant. I think it's been described more of warthog or at least that's how I see it, while it's Ganesha that's more of the elephant honkai because of Indian mythology. But well, if you see them as both elephants then that's fine. It's no big deal.
The timing of having Haruto's team fight Durandal does feel a bit akward but I still look forward to it. Maybe it could've been after the tournament or something but I could see that Durandal might have been impatient to test Haruto. Also hoping for Rita to talk to Haruto and maybe tease Durandal and him a bit by making Durandal jealous.
I also hope that Kiana's team will eventually get a chance to fight Durandal as well since it never happened in game. It will interesting for the developments of the three girls since Mei and Kiana are fighting Durandal much earlier than in canon. Mei seeing the big gap between her and Durandal (and maybe even her friend Midori). And Kiana's fustration of Durandal doing gun kata better than her. This is especially might make them jealous and worried that Haruto might be going further away from them. Mei getting an early realization that things might never stay the same with Haruto and she herself hasn't grown since Haruto saved her from the bullying.
Last thing I guess to say is that I still like harem. But only if the harem has a proper ending. I don't like harem stories that leave an open ending. I enjoyed the shippings with HarutoxMei and HarutoxKiana, so I look forward to HarutoxDurandal. I still hope for harem ending, but you end it however you like as long as it makes sense and proper development. I liked how Keji described the harem as "dangerous women". It's a pretty accurate despcription and especially with the powerups and character developments the girls will probably get later. I feel like there's plenty room for more girls like that in the harem lol and hope the joke keeps coming back. I can imagine the girls won't be happy to hear that (a little embarrased maybe). I can also imagine Haruto or somebody else tattling on Kiana or Mei or Durandal on what Keji said.
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