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4/30 c1 cyrilalbar06
your fans will really enjoy this book. ... If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
4/24 c1 Chionie
This is absolutely brilliant and this is honestly what how I expected the final chapter to go but unfortunately reality is often disappointing. As for your reluctance to seem as though you're pushing EH, if it makes you feel better, a lot of fans expected a relationship of some sort (whether romantic or not) between Eren and Historia because the plot seemed to be going in that direction so you don't really have to be so concerned about that.

Thank you very much for sharing your story. It's a pity you wouldn't be writing for this fandom anymore because your writing skills are exceptional.
4/21 c1 Guest
A nice compromise between the canon ending and the speculative ending. This is the kind of ending I would've liked to see from Attack on Titan instead of what we got.

Great job in writing this.
4/21 c1 83Rookblonkorules
I don't think it would have been wrong to include an EH pairing in this- they do make more sense than EM if you consider it. Mikasa's attitude towards Eren has been downright insulting and possessive if you look at it- she's more of a mother to him, like Isayama said (he also said he would consider Mikasa's life to be pitiful if it was all about staying close to Eren) and Eren was far more affectionate towards Historia in their interactions than he ever was with Mikasa.
The first reviewer said things well.
I'm honestly sick and tired of any legitimate criticism of chapter 138/139 being derided and discredited as just coming from salty EH fans. I agree with literally everything that you said in your endnote and the story itself was beautiful. I think you captured Eren and Historia's personalities well- and their relationship as well. This is my new canon.
4/21 c1 25Order of Alignment
Beaut. This is what the ending should have been. Thank you for writing it.
4/20 c1 6BasileusKomnenos
This was quite a satisfying alternate ending. Honestly the series for me was perfect up until the last three chapters with the writing hitting its peak at chapter 122.
4/20 c1 Team5dsforever
I prefer this ending over the one we got. At least your ending goes along with everything that was being set up.

Eren’s character was ruined. He was going to go down as one of the best protagonists of all time and now I only see him as a joke.

You don’t even have to ship EH to know that it makes much more sense than EM. Seriously, reread the manga and look at the way that Eren treats Mikasa compared to how he treats Historia.

Eren being the father of Historia’s child makes sense since Isayama has said that the final chapter is going to be about surpassing the father. Grisha burdened Eren with his duties and sins. Eren completing the rumbling ensures that no outside forces will threaten Paradis. When Eren dies he’ll take all of his sins and burdens with him, he will not pass it down to his child. Unlike how Grisha passed his sins and duties onto him. Thus Eren will have surpassed him father. Another way in could’ve been interpreted is that Eren’s child would surpass him because she is going to be born with freedom and not surrounded by walls like her father.

Eren hates how Mikasa babies him, which makes sense since Isayama himself stated that Eren sees Mikasa as a mother figure rather than a lover. Isayama also stated how he hates childhood friends that develop feelings for each other because it too cliche and he hates characters who lie to themselves. Chapter 139 contradicts everything that Isayama has stated previously.

What ruined Attack on Titan for me was the fact that it was all about love. Ymir continued making titans for 2000 years because she couldn’t let go of her love for King Fritza and the only one who could free her was Mikasa because of her love for Eren. Are you freaking kidding me?! When has AOT been about love? Mikasa, the lamest character in the entire series was the chosen one. Mikasa literally has no development and no character. Take away Eren and she’s nothing.

I never thought that an author could destroy his entire series with just one chapter. Isayama proved me wrong.

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