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3/20 c6 Wendy
EPOV did not help his case at all, I dislike him even more, not sure how you will redeem him to give this a HEA but I'll trust you. Hopefully Charlie get's what he deserves. Great story so far.
3/19 c2 Wendy
Edward is going to have to do something amazing before Bella (or me) will forgive him. He's beyond a dickhead, and unattractive righ now.
11/16/2023 c5 Guest


11/12/2023 c6 carinaglaser0
I can understand why Edward and Co. are like that (I experienced childhood abuse), but nothing is an excuse for abuse and this is exactly what they do, they abuse other people. It is easier to do nothing, but it is the right thing to work on yourself and through your trauma. I don't know if I can read more of it, because it triggers myself, nothing makes me more aggressive than abuse.
10/23/2023 c27 BurchGirl
Wow! I just found this story and binged read it. Amazing! What happened to Epilogue 2? ;) Maybe you can revisit these two. Never too late. Loved it!
9/14/2023 c27 Vamps09
Great story! Thanks for writing!,
9/14/2023 c27 Vamps09
Love the story thanks for writing!
8/9/2023 c27 RoYes02
This was amazing. Thank you.!
7/31/2023 c26 Cina's
You had me in tears.
7/31/2023 c25 Cina's
I have absolutely loved your story. I was heartbroken for nine year old Bella. Was edward redeemable? In time I thin, but it was up to Bella to make that decision. It was a hard read and i hated some of it and loved most of. It. Tha k you for writing and sharing.
6/27/2023 c27 Purple.Raindrops.10
One of the best stories I’ve ever read. Amazing writing.
6/10/2023 c27 Senorfrogs
One of the best story I’ve read here!
Thank you!
6/8/2023 c12 Senorfrogs
Amazing fic
5/28/2023 c27 foxyfanatic
one of the best story I've read. the broken , the love , the healing forgiveness and moving forward. i love the ending. i love the part of pov of charlie.
3/19/2023 c27 Daire123
This story was amazing! I’m proud of all Bella, Edward, Alice, and Jasper accomplished. This story really meant a lot to me and had me appreciate the little things in life and friends that become family. My mom lost both of her parents at a young ageher dad at 7 and her mom days before her 13th birthday to different forms of cancer. Thankfully she had older siblings that raised her since her older sister was 18, but the trauma is still there over 40 yrs later. Important days are hard knowing her parents hardly watched their children grow and now grandchildren. Thank you for sharing this emotional, therapeutic story! I hope you never stop writing!
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